Another coach caught with his hand in the cookie jar

Posted: November 28, 2011 by Puff in Sports, sports scandal
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So recently the assistant coach for Syracuse Univ Bernie Fine, was fired for not 1, not 2, but 3 counts of being a perv.  Much respect for all the young men who came forward, because this shizer is getting out of control. WTF is wrong with old white men playing grabby grabby with young kids.  This is shizer is disgusting…  These old heads have wives, kids, dogs, cats, and choose to throw it all away. Think about the CATS AND THE DOGS! What have they EVER DONE TO DESERVE THIS?! Now he’s fired, they are prob goin to lose their home and the cats and dogs will be homeless, shizers just not right smh. Sorry guys, I went off on tangent just now. What makes it even crazier is, his wife admitted to knowing what went down. Like why would you EVER just let that go. I have got cursed out for looking at tv models too hard, I mite get shot for even thinking about playing grabby grabby with anyone.  This shizer needs to stop. I’m sure there is another university waiting in the rafters, ready to get exposed for having their hand in the cookie jar.  Young men watch out, these coaches hand shakes may not match their smiles.

  1. onlypuff says:

    Damn just found out that one men who accused the coach… is now he himself being accused of playing grabby grabby with a 14yr old…. this is this shizer needs to stop… just a crazy cycle of playing football with no ball… getting posted up with no hoop… my prayers go out to those who have been touched the wrong way, I hope you build the courage to come forward… or re frame from doing that onto another

  2. handyj215 says:

    Naw it has to stop these coaches running around taking showers after the game. With these kids when they didnt run a lick, smacking cakes wit wet towels for no reason, its all sick. These coaches need to go jail and see how it feels to play grab your ankles with a grown man and see if they enjoy that. My condolences go out to these kids who will be traumatized for life

  3. Jay_0914 says:

    I agree with you all fully. Nothing is right about using your power and influence over young children to sexually molest them. Parents entrust their children to clergy men, coaches and teachers all of the time and apparently we will alway live in a world with twisted individuals. What can be a solution to this problem is sexually educating our children about sexual molestation, so that we can stop damaging our youth. And so they can openly address the issue early and not wait until they are 14, 21 or 30 years old to expose the individual(s). Anyone who watches Lockup like me, knows that inmates despise child molesters. Anal rape is REAL.


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