Herman Cain: The Saga Continues

Posted: November 29, 2011 by Puff in Politics
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I couldn’t let this slide. This guy Herman, the black republican presidential candidate,  is in the news YET AGAIN… So this time a woman claims they were secret lovers for over a decade. Now that’s a side chick for you, openly stating  she knew he was married. #Shoutout to the sides chicks who are happy being second place… Herman Cain must have been the man when he was working with the restaurant association, because he look like something off space jam right now…. Son look like he about to get drafted by the monstar all stars, but hey do your thing boy…  The media has been going in on these women…. So makes wonder who to believe?? The guy with everything to lose, or the women with everything to gain??? Furthermore what are his political views, all I hear about is this…. What does he stand for?

  1. Handy says:

    Herman Cain is a coon in the purest form. He could possibly become a leader for the country but instead he chose #bittiesovamoney instead of #moneyovabitties. What is wrong with these men in power gettin jammed up by these side bitties. Somebody better tell them to get their pimp hands stronger lol

  2. Ariana says:

    …or they could just keep it in their pants altogether…

  3. ambs says:

    I blame the cheating on mrs cain who was likely too busy applying box after box of PCJ no-lye relaxer to her kitchen & not bussin it wide open n popping that p*ssy for a pimp. But seriously, no way Americans would have been dumb enough to vote for uncle rukus in office …999? nooo thanks~

  4. Jay_0914 says:

    Sigh~ Herman is directly where he belongs. His own party didn’t even want him. That 999 deal was one of the most dumbest political stances, I’ve ever heard of. As far as side chicks go; apparently being an ex wife or side piece pays because there is no short of discretion nowadays…these chicks are trying to get paid.


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