To Be or Not To Be… A Black Quarterback

Posted: November 29, 2011 by Handy in Sports
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So after watching Donovan McNabb lose his spot twice for essentially no reason, David Garrard lose his spot for essentially no reason, and Jason Campbell essentially losing his spot before our eyes, I have come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to be successful in the NFL as a black quarterback. It seems as if the most basic of white quarterbacks keep their spots forever (Carson Palmer, Matt Hasselback, etc…), but the minute a black QB flips up, he’s outta there faster than a fat chick playing dodgeball. Come on people, you cannot tell me McNabb isnt better than Rex Grossman and John Beck. REX GROSSMAN though?!!! This is the same Rex Grossman that has more INTS than TDS for his career. As my man Cris Carter says on NFL PRIMETIME, #COMEONMAN!! We watched Brett Favre get chance, after chance when he clearly ended the Packers, Jets and Vikings seasons throwing picks. We are watching Palmer play with the Raiders when he has a career losing record and yet Garrard sits at home when he is clearly better than the Chiefs, Bears or Texans current QBs. All im sayin is this slap in the face that the NFL is clearly giving to black QBs has to stop…

  1. onlypuff says:

    Yea it’s crazy, the lack of respect black qbs get…. Many of them come into a situation expecting to fail, as oppose to hoping for success… Nobody expected Cam Newton to come out on fire like this… In retrospect Tebow is suffering the full affects of pwb (playing while black)… But when you draft flip ups like Jamarcus Russel…. Sometimes it’s warranted…

  2. Jay_0914 says:

    Well, if you ever watched the documentary series ‘3rd and Long’ it will make you even more angry about black quarterbacks are treated. Black athletes will always be emulated but never accepted.


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