Booked while being BOOKED!!

Posted: November 30, 2011 by Puff in Rap
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Torrence Hatch was sentenced to 8 years in federal prison today.  Who is Hatch you maybe asking to yourself??? Well he is best known under the names of LIL Boosie, Boosie boo, Boosie bad ass, and probably a bunch of other aliases. Lil Boosie is a very well-known rapper to many hood and not so hood people everywhere, who raps about the normal things as far drugs, guns, sex, sex with guns, murder murder, kill kill.Many of his lyrics are pretty lack luster and far from thought-provoking, but hey all the baby thugs of America seem to love him.  For those who have not gotten arrested or been on the run and failed to turn on Lil Boosie while making your illegal transactions, you may not know he is currently in prison for having  a  Hit placed or getting some one  murdered. He ordered someone to be KILT  and has been serving time since the summer of 2010. WELLLL, he is up for the death penalty; but he is officially locked up on a four year bid for moving heavy weight.  While in jail, he got busted for smuggling drugs into the prison.  (Still scratching my head on that and how that could EVER happen.) So essentially a rapper who raps about murder is in the process of receiving the death penalty for committing a murder. (how ironic) He  talks vividly about drug selling, was locked up for his great distribution skills… Some how managed to get re-locked up for selling drugs in prison. Sounds like a man who loves prison, hope he wasn’t smuggling those drugs the hard way. Glad to see some rappers still keep it real with themselves and the fans who cherish them… Next time you do something shady pop in boosie and see how much he inspires you

  1. Jay_0914 says:

    Pretty funny post. I didn’t care to read why Boosie was even locked up to began with. Guess he’d be considered a hero in the trap.


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