When is Freedom Too Much??

Posted: December 15, 2011 by Handy in Media
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So lately, I have been seeing a bucket load of videos, blogs, or just media in general glorifying black people having too much freedom. What do I mean when I make this statement? I mean anytime a young teenage girl has time to get recorded giving super duper neck action outside on a high school wall, well that’s too much freedom. Anytime young black men have time to upload a video on Youtube receiving super duper neck action on their TOES, well that’s entirely too much freedom. Everyday, especially on cable television, we see young black people essentially cooning for the world. Whether you are a 40 year old woman throwing hands just because you feel as if your friend was disrespected or getting videotaped receiving the smackdown from a multitude of dudes, you are a coon, point, blank, period, no debate. The freedom that our civil rights forefathers fought for relentlessly, should not be abused by those who do not appreciate it or understand the meaning of “total freedom”. Their definition of freedom was for someone like Barack Obama to have the ability to be able to become President of the United States. Their definition of freedom was definitely not for young black people to gain TV access just to fuss, cuss and slander each other. The biggest thing that kills me about all of this is that us, black people, adore this nonsense and idolize these figures and make them superstars. Even I have caught myself a couple of nights watching the circuses called the Real Housewives of Atlanta or Basketball Wives. 3 years ago I can bet my last dollar (and I’m already broke), you did not know Nene Leakes existed. But now she’s a celebrity, receiving spoils around the world, because black people celebrate and commend the ignorance that we see everyday. But I’m not here to complain, because everybody complains, but to offer some type of solution to this problem. After thinking long and hard, the best solution I could think of is to throw people in jail if they watch too much media of people abusing their freedom. Like we give everyone a number and you have to login to every type of media, whether its television, internet, etc. And if you have watched too much, the police will co
me, pick you up out your seat literally while you are watching the show, and throw you in the back of the patty wagon with your pj’s on DJ Jazzy Jeff style. Seriously, just zoom off and not saying a word to anyone watching it happen. That WOULD HAVE to scare a couple of people enough to turn off the TV IMMEDIATELY. See the way I figure, the best way for black people to truly see the reason for the freedom that we currently possess, that our grandparents fought and died for, is for it to be snatched away from them. The human psyche in general, yearns for the thing that was either taken away from it or within reach, but unattainable. Maybe if the black population of today went through the trauma of not having whatever we wanted at our fingertips, then maybe we would appreciate it more. Or maybe we won’t, but who cares right? Gotta run y’all, Love and Hip Hop on!!!

  1. onlypuff says:

    The thing about it is, media uses this word “reality” to describe shows, when it’s the furthest thing from it. Ppl watch the shows you have mentioned: basketball wives, real housewives, etc for the entertainment factors. The term should be changed to dramatic sitcoms. These shows are funny and amusing but meant to cause drama, unfortunately society tends to overlook that concept. Due to the fact that African American’s are involved, it’s acceptable. Now fast forward to everyday life, who’s reality is this? I know plenty of women who can interact without causing some type of destruction to themselves or others. Now to touch on your plan, having ppl locked up for watching ignorance is a major stretch. Freedom is something that many have taken for granted. But how free are the people who partake is these shows. Many so called reality shows are scripted, with the intent of making black people look like porch monkeys. This is the society that we live in though good sir, getting good ratings normally equates to turning up your cooning. The thing that is lost at the end of the day, is the adverse affects it has on the young women growing up. Young girls watch basketball wives, see women get glorified for being a baby momma, a side joint, an ex- of a “NBA player” and internalize it. Many of the women on these shows were never actually married, leaving young girls in a state of confusion. At the end of the day, what exactly is the point of these “reality shows?” Once somebody can answer me, maybe I can view the shows different.

  2. Rini says:

    …after many conversations with Puff regarding his blog he told me to post our discussions:
    I honestly don’t watch most of those shows mainly because I don’t have cable. However it helps me better select what to watch rather than be sucked into these shows because they are as entertaining as is a train wreck is to watch. I work in the media because I want to change things, however I’m at a point in my career where I need a window to enter so I work for a show that to a degree, promotes these shows. I’m happy to say its not all black shows that are negative but the issue is that unlike other groups who can be seen in various forms of media, minorities (for the most part) don’t have that same advantage. But in the media/entertainment’s world’s defense, people in general can’t be upset when they see these things because if they felt strongly enough about it they wouldn’t watch and it’d be taken off the air. I personally like the Playboy Club but because nobody watched it, it was pulled off the air after THREE episodes. This is a clear example of how not having an audience can determine a show’s faith. So there’s no reason Kim K should be famous for being a pretty smut but she is because people watch her show and support her “career”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello Puff and Rini. I had to chime in as I am one of those that feed into the coonery of watching the Basketball and Atl Housewives. Hell, I even watch the Baseball Wives and Beverly Hills Housewives. Do know that it is JUST entertainment. Baseball wives and BH Housewives do not have African American actors/actresses, however there is just as much coonery on those shows as the African American ones. It is all about what people want to see……DRAMA and SHANCOONERY!!!!

  4. Jay_0914 says:

    It is sad to see some of the images from shows like Love & Hip Hop, Atl Housewives etc. Yes, some may describe the theatrics as coonery but at the end of day these men and women are getting PAID to do such. EVERYBODY HAS A PRICE. Like it was previous stated, it is just not the black community that act in this manner shows like the Jersey Shore and Baseball wives are popular because as a whole people feed into mind numbing television…it sells. And quite frankly, every cable channel has some version of a ‘reality show’. Even though these images are shown, it is creating jobs for people who work in that profession. It is ‘saving’ some peoples’ careers and jump starting others. On the flip side, it is a generation of young black actors that should be on televsion but aren’t because there is no real balance between quality educational programming. This is exactly why I stick to, watching documentaries. MTV created the REAL WORLD and now this ‘reality television’ has spiraled into one big ugly monster.

    • Handy says:

      Yea I agree it is just entertainment, but we still live in a world that black people are judged everyday, whether fairly or unfairly on the action that they do and these judgements are unfairly spread across an entire race. Of all people, Wendy Williams said on her talk show that she doesn’t watch those shows I wrote about because of the fact that these “grown women are always fighting” and she built her career on issues such as these. I don’t think its the disagreements that bother me, more than just the plain fighting that goes on every episode it seems. The Game was probably the most popular black show that came out within the last 5 years and that has young black actors, so I agree with you. You can create quality programming with young black actors and have the community watch the show, it’s just about having some backbone and saying enough is enough with this reality nonsense

  5. raynasybelle says:

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    When is freedom too much?

  6. Onlypuff says:

    I understand what everyone is arguing… Black shows aren’t the only culprits, which I agree. Yes there are other shows, other forms of entertainment, but my argument is we as a people are the only race that continuely receives negative backlash from this. More times than less, you hear statements such as “they are like that, this is what they normally, this is their reality.” People continue to bring jersey shore or other white orienated shows into the conversation, but at the end of the day it is not accepted as the standard for the WHITE male or female. My co partner mentions the show the Game. I respect the mention, but nobody outside of Black America is watching the Game. Think about it the show used to be on the CW… Now new episodes only come on BET. However the other reality shows come on networks like VH1 and Bravo. Now who is dialed in to those networks the most.???


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