The Struggle, The Grind

Posted: January 25, 2012 by Handy in Life
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The Struggle…, The Grind…, we have to struggle so that when we grind we can appreciate the sunny days and clear skies. I have been down as of late due to some personal reasons that I will not discuss this blog, but sunny days are ahead and I’m ready to get back on my blogging grind. Today we will discuss the enigma that is the Black Man. I feel that we possess all of man’s greatest strengths and at the same time all of man’s greatest weaknesses. Take me for example, a young, educated Black Man living in White America trying to take the knowledge I have learned through the years and using it to help mold and shape younger Black Men into the greatest creatures on this God given planet. Sounds very intellectual doesn’t it? Now take me for example, a certified hood ni**a, that walks with a bop, talks with a country accent, that won’t hesitate to call another Black Man a ni**a and rarely apologized for how he expresses himself. Now this man seems the complete opposite of the other doesn’t he? It’s like a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hide affect at work, also known as The Gift and The Curse. But the problem is I know many Black Men who behave just in this manner. It’s as if we are scared to let go that negative, “hard” persona of us because we do not want to be labeled as “soft”. The same Black Man who would love to be married to a strong, Black Woman that he is currently with will in the same heartbeat, cheat on that same Black Woman just because the opportunity presented itself. This is the struggle that most Black Men I know personally go through on a daily basis. We have the power to be the greatest creatures in the world, but yet have the power to be the weakest creatures in the world. This is the struggle that I speak of in the beginning of this blog. But remember when I said sunny days and clear skies are ahead? That’s what I mean with the grind. Why do I call it a grind? It’s a grind because when you grind anything, it takes time to shape into whatever figure you want it to represent. Take me for example, a young, Black Man that never grew up in the church, is making a conscious effort to attend service every Sunday. That’s the grind, for there will be some Sundays that I probably will miss, but the fact that I am genuinely making the effort represents the change. That’s the grind that I am in, that I will achieve because failure is not an option for me. That’s the picture that I am trying to paint for all the young,Black Men in the world that will read this blog. This blog will hopefully stop a young, Black Man from cheating on his possible wife-to-be, so that one day she can become his wife-that-is and they can have happily ever after. That’s the grind that I speak of. It takes one person, one day at a time to make change over a population. So don’t get frustrated young Black Man when you take a step backwards, it happens. As long as you take 2 steps forward, then you will always be grinding in the right direction. So be patient young Black Man, you will be great one day and remember that I capitalized and bolded Black Manin this blog because you are relevant and possess power, its up to you whether you grasp it or let it slip away.

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    My black brothers, I would like you to read this post. I hope that it will be encouragement to those of you that are striving to be the best, and for those that are not, to be the change that they want to see.

    • Sheila says:

      Certainly I like your web site, however you need to check the splleing on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with splleing problems and I find it very bothersome to tell you. However I’ll definitely come back again!

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