Prices on Your Head

Posted: March 7, 2012 by Puff in Sports, sports scandal
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Recently in sports news, there has been a big ordeal making a lot of noise. BOUNTY HUNTING across the NFL, has come to the forefront causing all types of dismay.  For those of you who miss episodes of Sportscenter, and have been living under a rock for the past few days, this topic hit the presses over the weekend.  The NFL team the New Orleans Saints were exposed for bounty hunting over a span of years, while defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was there.  Bounty hunting is pretty much when players are payed for devastating hits.  There lies the problem, making the sport even more dangerous and deadly in nature.  As I look into more about bounty hunting, I find that many players felt it has always been around, and not a big issue.  I as a fan can’t respect this at all, I don’t want to see big name players injured so somebody can get a quick bonus. 

The Saints defensive players were accused of being paid for heavy hits that took opponents off the field.  Knockouts were worth $1,500 and cart-offs $1,000, with payments that possibly doubled or tripled during the playoffs. The mastermind behind it, Gregg Williams,  along with head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis have openly acknowledged these actions.  Gregg Williams has also been in question for similar deeds with other teams including the:  Redskins, Titans, and Bills.  He has ties that span over a decade, where bounty hunting make have occurred.  One can only begin to wonder, how many careers Williams and his ‘bounty system’ have been affected.

For years, I have noticed the hitting rules have gotten more and more stringent. Before this incident I just thought the commissioner was making the league soft, and more quarterback friendly.  After this new information, I hate to admit it, but the commissioner is headed in the right direction. Watching the game, it’s hard determine if that was a good, late, or dirty hit. Everybody loves seeing a big hit, but I doubt any real fan wants to see players injured. Purposely causing injuries is dangerous, and challenges the integrity of the game.

Bounty hunting is not a new phenomenon, however this is the first time monetary price was determined. Older players have mentioned on various occasions, there were notions of a “big play pot.” Essentially a big play pot was full of money, in which players were rewarded for things like interceptions and sacks. That’s cool, but getting paid for having someone carted off is outlandish. There are close to 30 Saints players in question for these incidents. I’m sure other teams and players participate in foolishness like this, but I hope it’s not malicious intent involved in other hidden situations.


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