Thoughts of a Single Woman

Posted: April 8, 2012 by Handy in Uncategorized
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On this Sunday afternoon, I felt like doing something different with the blog, so I am going to write a short poem. Don’t make fun of me too bad everybody, this isn’t a talent at all haha.

Everyday you wake, look to your left and guess what,

Its nothing there, just your favorite teddy bear and some pillows,

And as you lat there you think, “Where did I go wrong?”,

“Do I not deserve strong arms and warmth surrounding me?”,

You sit up and look to the window, beams of sunlight through the shades,

Dogs barking and all the noises of the world ranging aloud,

And as you sit there, you think “Where did I go wrong?”

“Why am I not being comforted during frigid nights?”,

Back to your normal regime: brush teeth, shower, dress, prepare breakfast,

Standing at the stove, the bacon frying, eggs already scrambled to perfection, bread jumping out the toaster,

And when you sit at the table, you look at your plate and think, “Where did I go wrong?”

“Is there no one out here that I can share this breakfast with?”

So when you get ready to leave out the door,

You grab your keys, your purse, your jacket and get ready to be Superwoman for another day,

And right before you turn the knob, you take a breath and say, “Where did I go right?”

You think about all the things in your life that’s right,

All the things you have been blessed with,

And even though you don’t have everything you want,

You don’t stress because you’re fabolous,

And one day you know will have everything you want,

Because a woman can dream right?


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