Leave the LUGGAGE at the Gate

Posted: April 12, 2012 by Puff in Life
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For those of you who have been on a flight, bus, or even train; where luggage is needed, one of the main prompts is “one carry-on item only.”  The rest are normally tucked away somewhere and you pray that everything comes out good.  You take your one bag, the one that normals has something you know you can’t let be out of your sight. Why? Not because it’s belongings are valuable to thieves, but it’s valuable to YOU.   After you get done with your travel, the first thing you do, is beat everybody to pick up the rest of your luggage.  Somethings you just can’t be with out, it’s YOUR safety net.  You brought things with you that you felt were needed to keep your life running smoothly.  Sounds good right? Then there’s that friend who packed entirely too much nonsense, wild bags full of nothingness and no room for anything.  As a friend your laughing, warning that person, ” you know your over packing?” but of course they don’t hear you.  The non listener gets to the gate and boom, there is no more space left.  The person is stuck with the thought of leaving something behind.   Leaving something behind?… really?… The interesting thing is life works in that same way.  As a people we tend to carry excess luggage with us into every situation, causing different thought patterns to take over subconsciously.

After having a variety of conversations with friends (both male and female), this topic was forced to the front of my mind. I have a couple other posts I am in the middle of, so please pardon my randomness. On that note: luggage, baggage, drama, beliefs, etc is something that everybody tends to carry with them.  What is this guy talking about?… I’m referring to that “fear” people have when moving into a new chapter in life. I use the word fear loosely, more so in the sense of uncertainty.  People bring baggage with them moving into relationships, moving into a new job, moving into a new city, anything that appear to be a change.  I will admit I was about to aim this at women, but after thinking and listening, men do this as well.  Everybody like to bring things along with them, things they believe will benefit at the next level.  I am not against that, when walking into a new thing, you want to feel secure.  The problem is when that extra baggage becomes overwhelming and useless for the situation. People tend to forget when you carry to much with you, help is required to get everything on & off board.  On the same note, when you pack too much you tend to shy away from new things. If you have everything with you, why try something new? Exactly, you won’t give yourself an opportunity to find something different.

I like this metaphor of luggage on a trip, it really makes sense with life and the relationships one builds. As I speak about relationships, I do not necessarily mean in the literal term of boyfriend/girlfriend.  I’m speaking in the general sense of a connection between two people, such as friend, coworker, significant other and more.  Regardless of how independent you are, somebody has been there for you. As this luggage grows heavier, and more than you can burden, somebody will intervene. In relationships people see the struggle you are going through, and inadvertently off their assistance.  Now you have baggage, or should I say old problems to dump on some one else’s hands. Mistake number 1 for both parties; the person knew they shouldn’t have brought that nonsense with them, and the helper presents a new safety net.  If your baggage was more then you could bare on your own, LEAVE IT AT THE GATE. Stop allowing other people to carry your bags for you, stop faulting other people for somebody else’s mishaps.  You took a plane and they messed up/lost your bags, now EVERY other airline has to suffer your wrath?? No they don’t!! It was not airline #2 fault. This works the same with people, not everyone is to blame. The new person can be warned about previous experience, but don’t hold that person accountable for somebody else. Take for instance two brothers, one has the job gets fired for stealing. The other was offered the job right before he got fired, now as a manager are you are going to view him funny because they “remind” you of each other? Does the non stealing brother deserved to be watched harder, or even fired? No, they are two totally different people. The same is with life, similar characteristics does NOT make them the same.

There is the other part of the metaphor, about trying something new. If you have everything packed up with you, 9 times out of 10 your not going be open to new things. I already packed all my favorite sneakers,I don’t have to go see what’s out there at this moment.  Ladies ‘ I got my hairdryer, I don’ need a new one.’ Right, so what was the point of leaving then? If everything is packed, you also lose out on space. Innovative things are created everyday, people need to learn how to open up their mind.  You take a trip to a different country, do you expect to come back empty handed? NO, your going to find away to fit something new in your life.  It should be the same for everything else as a part of your life, stop being afraid of what could be.  Clearing things out is a gradual process, but if somebody is willing to help you, open your mind.  Many people tend to miss out on something good in front of them due to constantly looking back.  Last I checked the windshield is bigger than the rear view, keep your eyes on the path ahead.  Now it doesn’t hurt to glance, but take things in stride.  Clean your baggage up before taking your new journey, maybe you will travel much further than anticipated.  The baggage is holding you back from life, allow yourself to experience something for a chance.  Nobody likes being that nice person who offered a helping hand, and being accused being just like the other airline.  Set your expectations with the new airline, and take off from there. I guess on that note,  I need to check which luggage to leave behind at my new gates. Hopefully a welcoming hand will be there when I’m ready to step off the plane.

  1. Ariana says:

    I like the metaphor.. it makes sense but it’s certainly not always easy to do.

  2. Handy says:

    It’s hard for people not to let the past become the present but it happens quite often


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