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Posted: May 2, 2012 by Handy in Life, Time
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Just read an interesting writing from another blogger on and he discussed something that was unique to me. He had created an equation for people to vote. The equation basically said that the reasons for the person to register to vote had to be greater than the amount of time it would take for that person to vote. Now that was funny because I was thinking, “How much time does it really take to vote?” But I was thinking as a person who was born and lived in America his entire life. I wasn’t thinking about those who have green cards or newly anointed U.S. citizens who are new to the process or those fresh out of prison who just received their right to vote. I gave those examples to show that it would take them longer to vote because they would have to do more to prove their right to vote such as verification of identification and verification of residency, where as a person who was born a citizen does not. A simple update of my driver’s license allows them to update my information needed for me to vote and before I know it, I receive my voter’s registration card in the mail, no hassle at all. But this blog isn’t about the voting process, it’s about time and the lack thereof it.

Time is the only thing in this world that the more you use it, the more you lose it at the same rate. It can’t be manipulated to be used in other entities, it is what it is. Natural resources, even though we use too many as people, are constantly being found and can be manipulated to be used for other reasons. There are always breakthroughs that allow us to stretch the resources of the world we use. An example of this petroleum. Even though they are trying to find ways for people to be rid of using petroleum so much, we still use it. But there are so many uses for petroleum in this world, so it gets manipulated. It’s used for gas for cars just as its used to make jelly that we place on our bodies. They have created products such as hybrid cars so that way we aren’t using petroleum at the same rate inside of our cars. So we aren’t using them at the same rate we were using them 50 years ago. But you can’t stretch time, it is what it is. So no person has “free time” in this world. Not a single person. From the poorest to the richest, no person has “free time” because the more you use time, the more you lose it at the same rate. If you take 8 hours a day to sleep, you lost 8 hours off your life. It’s a harsh reality to accept, but it is what it is.

Time is the only thing in this world that the more you use it, the more you lose it at the same rate. But it’s amazing how much time we waste as people. Every waking moment of your life, you should be doing something to improve your life or someone else’s, but we don’t. It’s impossible to, we aren’t robots. Even the busiest of people take vacations sometimes. So when you are on the beach, staring into the tide, enjoying the scenery, just remember that it’s beautiful, but you are wasting precious time being there. This does not mean that you can’t take a vacation or sleep in for an extra hour on your days off, because like I said we aren’t robots, we all need breaks. Just keep in mind the bigger picture that whenever you’re using time, you’re losing time and because you’re always using time when you’re alive, you’re always losing time when you’re alive.

The dictionary defines time as this, “A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.” The word in there that catches my attention is irreversible. Irreversible is something that can’t be changed, it is what it is. Keep this in mind people when you are quick to waste your time. Stop waiting until tomorrow or the next day to change the world. The saying ” tomorrow isn’t promised” is a famous phrase. But it’s true, tomorrow isn’t promised for any of us, so we must do what we feel we have to do today. Start that diet today, not tomorrow. Apply for your dream job today, not tomorrow. Start cleaning up your credit today, not tomorrow. Take a vacation today, not tomorrow. Point is stop putting off the things you suppose to do in your life or the things you want in your life for tomorrow. I will bet my last dollar that if the dead could come to life and you could grant them one wish, they would all wish that they could have more time.

Time is the only thing in this world that we waste and cherish equally or just as much. When our love ones die and go to their afterlife, many of us ask for more time with that person, but at the same time we probably didn’t spend as much time with that person as we could have and we knew that before they passed. Time will always be interesting to me because it’s something that we know we can’t get back, but we can’t help to waste, myself included. And that’s half of winning the battle against time in my eyes. Accepting the fact that some time in my life will be wasted, but getting to a point of where I feel like I didn’t waste too much time on a daily basis and being satisfied is my ultimate goal. I’m not saying that should be every person’s goal, but to me that’s a realistic goal that I can achieve. It’s unrealistic for anyone not to waste time, like I said before, we aren’t robots. But I do think it’s realistic for every person to find that middle ground, where they are getting the most out of their time that they aren’t wasting. So remember on that day off when you want to sleep more than 8 hours and you roll over, just think to yourself, “Is this extra hour really worth it?” If you feel satisfied with what you have been doing with your time, then shoot, roll over and take an extra hour or two of sleep. But if you aren’t sure or aren’t satisfied with what you been doing with your time, then get out the bed and do something to make your life or someone else’s life better. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, go for a jog, visit that family member that you haven’t seen in a while. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are doing something with your time that is making your life better or someone else’s life better. That’s all, seems simple enough right? It should be, but only if life was that simple… Until next time y’all, I’m out like Lebron James’ hairline…


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