The Hidden Treasure of the World

Posted: July 14, 2012 by Handy in Life, Love
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Love is one of the most powerful things to encompass this Earth. People search hell and high waters to find their true love. People work job after job until they find the career they love. People go to school for decades to learn information about a subject they are passionate about or love. True love can give you a feeling of utopia almost unmatched in this world of ours.

Everybody wants, yearns and will give or do just about anything in this world to achieve true love. But the problem is most people don’t understand when to love and to when to let go. Shoot most people don’t even know how to love to begin with. And maybe that’s the biggest problem, who teaches people how to love? How do you know when you are receiving the right love? How do you know if the love you are giving to other people is the right kind of love?

These are just a few questions that I think of when I see friends and family going through situations that I feel like they do not deserve. Or maybe they do deserve it and I am just being biased. Shoot maybe I feel like I give out the proper kind of love and I don’t get that same feeling reciprocated back towards me. Either way, the love being dished out by people isn’t the right kind of love.

But why though? Is it something that we are missing inside of us that makes us hand out this tainted form of love? I don’t know, but I do know there are too many situations where regardless of any form of love a person may think they are portraying, cannot be true love or the love they deserve. These are many of the questions that I think of on a daily basis when I hear stories of hurt, betrayal, mistrust and misguidance from people. Let’s try to come up with some solutions everyone.
First of all, PEOPLE YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN LOVE OR RECEIVE LOVE FROM SOMEONE ELSE!!! This is very important to know because you should be able to be happy with anyone you are with. The person you love shouldn’t complete you, you should already be complete without them. If anything the person you truly love should compliment you. I feel that if I am happy with myself, then any love I pursue will be true because I am happy already and now I can share this happiness with this special person. Also, LEARN HOW TO LOVE!!!! That means find examples of love that you can relate to, that you can imitate, that you feel are examples of true love being expressed. Ask your grandparents that has been married for 25 years, how they made it work. Ask a friend that you know that just got married, how did they get to that point? It’s ok to not know how to love, but to learn “How To Love” (in my Lil Wayne voice). To do this people, you must have an open mind to different forms or ways to love and incorporate them in your life. Your mind must be truly open, so that you can receive and give all the different forms of love that this world has to offer.

These are just a few examples of way’s to give and receive love. I know for me, one way of expressing my love to my wifey is by simply telling her I love her as much as possible. People get so caught up in everyday life and the struggles of it, that sometimes just calling the person you love at work and telling them, “You know I love you right!” can change the outcome of their day. Sometimes a person that you love may feel that you aren’t in love with them anymore and need that verification from you to feel loved again.

It’s simple and takes 5 seconds to say “I love you.”. But hey that’s just me people, it takes time to figure out how to love, so you might wanna hop on it and get it together, ya dig. And when you do figure it out, the feeling is AMAZING!!! Believe me people, I know. I use to be the “prototypical, angry black man” hahaha. But it’s all good in the hood now. This love thing is cool once you figure it out for yourself. So until the next time people, (in my Martin voice) keep your head up, you gots’ to keep your head up and stay positive. I’m out…


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