The Weight of the World…

Posted: September 20, 2012 by Handy in Life, Sports, Uncategorized
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Sorry bloggers, I have been M.I.A. for a while. Just needed a break from writing to get refreshed and energized. Call it writers’ block or call it laziness, but either way I’m back in rare form ready to give to the masses fresh material out on these streets. So with that said let’s get right back into it.

So I was watching YouTube and came across a revelating video. It was a clip about Derrick Rose crying at an Adidas event held in his hometown of Chicago. Now for those who don’t know who Derrick Rose is, let me give you a quick bio. Derrick Rose is now the point guard of the NBA team Chicago Bulls. His athleticism is extraordinary and considered one of the best, if not the best point guard in the game today.

He is from Chicago and was selected by Chicago with the number one pick in the NBA draft 3 years ago. Within those 3 short years, he has taken the Bulls to the playoffs every season and been voted the Most Valuable Player in his second season, which never happens in the NBA. Call it a blessing that the city was able to draft a hometown hero and that hometown hero wanted to play there too. On the basketball court, he is amazing, no like really, he is AMAZING and unfortunately he tore his ACL in the NBA playoffs last season. So right now he is in the rehabilitation process of his return back to the game he loves. But let’s get back to the subject at hand, I just wanted you guys to know that I think he is AMAZING on the basketball court.

Now the fact of him crying in public isn’t a surprise because he is always crying when something good happens to him. Hey, he’s just an emotional guy, it happens to the best of us I guess. But this time it was different when he was crying. He wasn’t just crying because they were releasing his new shoe with Adidas, but more because of the situation that is going on in the city of Chicago right now. They are really calling it the Wild Wild West out there right now. As of September 2, 2012, there were 384 murders listed in the city and that’s probably not even including the murders that haven’t been counted yet, missing persons, missing bodies, etc. As I would say, “it’s real out here in these streets”.

All of this violence hit home for Rose. This senseless violence that is going in the city of Chicago is sad. So mthat’s nicely lives are being taken that have nothing to do with the gangs that are lashing out. What do we do as a society when we are living in a state of anarchy? Rose crying out wasn’t just his emotions, but more of a cry for help. This is his city and that display of emotion he showcased reminded me of Bruce Wayne in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. (Great movie by the way if you have not seen it.) There was a part of the movie where Bruce couldn’t succeed escaping and he was saddened and frustrated. Not so much that he was failing to escape, but more because he could see his city being torn apart and he was helpless to stop it. Both Wayne and Rose are heroes and both felt at those moments I shared, that they were helpless to save their cities. I commend Rose for caring enough to understand that the city of Chicago needs heroes right now and that the violence must stop.

But what ever happened to that feeling with our athletes? That feeling that what we were going through, they were going through too? That genuine feeling of hurt when the city is down or that feeling of disappointment that the city feels when they miss that game winning shot. I am from Baltimore, I can personally attest that the city put their heart and soul into the Ravens last season. When Billy Cundiff choked and missed the field goal to tie the game in the AFC Championship, me and my friend Trey were watching the game together. We almost saw a tear in each other’s faces, two all the way grown men about to cry over a game. But it was more than a game, it was our hearts that hurt. That ultimate feeling of disappointment because we came that close. The worse part of the whole thing was after the game, the kicker seemed as if it was okay that he missed the kick. We didn’t feel like he cared, that it was just another game. The city of Baltimore was hurt and we didn’t feel like he was hurt with us. It was a disconnect between us and him and that hurt us just as much as the way we lost the game.

Sometimes athletes are just that, athletes. And sometimes, there are that select few that become more than athletes. They become living icons, living legends. They become the figures that are discussed through multiple generations. They become that, not only because of their performance in their sport, but because of the love they show for their particular city and vice versa. True fans appreciate an athlete who shows emotion when they feel as if they let their city down. Derrick Rose is beloved by the city of Chicago, not for what he can do on a basketball court, but because of that emotion he displayed at his Adidas event. He showed that he cared about the city of Chicago. He showed that Chicago was his city too and that he understands the pain that everyone is suffering right now with all the senseless violence. He showed the city of Chicago that he is holding the weight of the world on his shoulders and it’s hurting him that he feels helpless to change the situation. I can’t speak for the next person, but I applaud Derrick Rose for his raw emotion he displayed. He showed us all that athletes aren’t demigods that should be adorned, but are everyday men and women like us and they hurt like us. Derrick isn’t the only athlete to do this, there have been many before him and will be many more after him. It just seems like right now most of our athletes are detached from the society that loves and adorns them. I just wish more athletes would show that they actually care what’s going on in the everyday lives of the people that populate the cities that they play for.


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