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It may seem that the duo here may have taken a hiatus in recent months, (and we have.)  But things have been a little crazy here lately.  As my co-writer stated in his post, we had to take a break, clear up some mental space for a while.  Even though we may not have written, we are still challenging whomever in good conversation as much as possible.  Thanks to all who continue to bother us about our next post, stay on us we welcome it.   With that said let the story begin.  I have sat back looking into many things, doing some research, and just challenging my peers.  I have a couple of topics that I want to touch base on the upcoming weeks, so check me out as they drop.  I will admit that this is not one of those post, what caught my attention is something a little left of my normal topics.  In lieu of the Iphone 5 releasing on Friday Sept 21st, my gears got grinding again.

There has been major hype and anticipation for the release of this new piece of technology from the beloved Apple corporation.  I will admit Apple is making a killing, I read a reported stat that over 2 million orders were placed for pre sale.  So before the phone even hit the stores it getting sold out, and is the new must have item of the year.  Matter fact people have anticipated this specific phone for over a year now.   People stand in lines for hours, even days, just to get their hands on the hottest of the hot.  The interesting thing is that the Iphone 5 is selling out quick, but has not made too many improvements from the most recently released Iphone 4s.  Now I am by no means about to get to compare with Iphone vs other phones, I am simply looking at the concept of marketing vs consumers.

Many people are buying this new Iphone, just because it’s that A NEW IPHONE.  Regardless of how their current phone works, people want what’s new.  It is actually very interesting to me how much this phone has taken off since the announcement a week ago.  The phone has not really changed much from the Iphone 4s but people still are willing to sell their souls to have one.  That very reason made me think about businesses brainwash consumers.  A store that you walk pass everyday, over look because of whatever the reason; will gain your attention quick by doing one simple thing.   The company will place a GRAND REOPENING sticker somewhere to trick you into coming and buying something you really had no use for.   All they do is close for a couple of days, then reopen with a new and improved banner.  Nothing actually changes, they clean up a little, maybe rearrange some things, possibly paint and BOOM something new.  Damn GRAND OPENING/REOPENING, I need to go check this out, but in actuality the price isn’t different, the quality hasn’t changed, and pretty much the only reason you gave it a shot was because the banner caught your eyes.

Today’s consumers seem to have become lazy with their decision-making,  purchasing more because of name as oppose to real desire to own that item.  I am sure everyone is buying this new phone strictly because it’s under the APPLE market.   The phone may not have all the features you want, may not even match the way you use your phone. but none of that matters because it’s new.   We as a society feed into major marketing ploys and get away from the quality behind the purchase.   Apple feeds from  consumer anticipation, giving a preview of things to come then waiting months to release that item into the public.  As the consumer you fall in love, and can’t wait for things to drop; overlooking that something could have equal or better value.  I’m sure the Iphone 5 is a good phone, is that the best phone on the market; probably not.  It’s just the thought that you may have something hot. The new new is what everybody wants, but are you really getting something new?

Take a look at many of the shoes that are considered high selling.  Shoe companies are making a killing re- releasing shoes, that have already been out years ago.   How does that work?? Because consumers have a very limited view of items to buy.   Companies have figured out a scheme that limits creativity, but still increases productivity.  I must applaud these big companies, everybody has a hustle.   I’m trying to figure out how to get on that same grind.  Maybe I should change out site to grand opening!!! to see how many new followers we will pick up.   But  pay attention to stores you go in after seeing GRAND OPENING/REOPENING,will they reel you as well??  On that note, I’m about to head the APPLE store  and see if they can show me the reasons why this phone is selling crazy.

  1. Anonymous says:

    dont blow up forman mills hustle niggas reopen every six months

  2. Rini says:

    Hey sir lol, ok so I’m commenting on this like I said. First I’m a New Yorker who frequents Fifth Avenue a lot because of my commute so the picture you used of the Apple store on 59th and 5th made me laugh because on many occasions I’ve seen people on that line for HOURS and it amuses me. It’s the same with those long lines for sneakers. Do you want the product that badly that you’ll camp outside for it? Is it that serious? Is it even worth it?

    I’m using these two commercials as examples of how the Samsung Galaxy, which to some might be superior to the beloved iPhone, mocks this lifestyle of anticipation for the “brand” rather than the product. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big Apple fan. Self proclaimed “Mac” but I feel we live in a generation that only appreciates the “new” or the brand even when the “new” at times is really the same product repackaged with tweaks. It’s like the old saying “Keeping Up with the Jones.” Everyone likes that idea of keeping up but as you mentioned, for the most part lately it’s just the same old thing being marketed to us, with a higher price tag (my words regarding the higher price tag).

    I think I guess what intrigues me most about this post is the fact that last month Apple actually WON a billion dollar patent lawsuit against Samsung regarding their new products.

    It’s like we’re either trying to compete to be innovative or are marketed that something is so special when really it seems we conform to keep up with the competition or the status quo. Samsung to the point of “copying” a design so closely it cost them a billion dollars.

    Not sure if I’m making sense just some food for thought in regards to “grand re-openings.”

    • Puff says:

      Very great points and clips… Thanks, this commercial is actually quite hilarious to me… I didn’t know anything about this lawsuit…. Apple rapes the market

  3. Anonymous says:

    Puff, very interesting post!! You probably already know this but your Aunt Loves the NEW anything…..not just because it is new but because when something is HOT and popular the resell value on it is amazing. Think about it for a minute….you have folk that stand in line with their rent money (LOL) to buy the latest Jordans or should I say re-released Jordans. Do you really think that they are wearing them…Nope, a lot of times it is just what you said a HUSTLE!!! Those Jordans are put up for sale on Ebay, etc. for twice what was paid for them….WHY! would someone pay twice for an item??? Because those HOT items are sold out in the store.

    Besides I want to point out that the Iphone 4 in which I have NOT the 4S…is worth $200 bucks or more. Although it is now every bit of a year and half old.. WOW!!

    • Puff says:

      I mean I don’t deny the resale value is high, but thats bc ppl hate feeling left out…. but now that the Iphone 5 has dropped… i believe the Iphone 4 value will drop tremendously


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