It’s Our Anniversary

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What’s going on good people, been a minute but we haven’t forgot about everybody. I will admit several interesting topics, have slipped through the cracks.  Trust and believe people get on us about this.   Don’t worry we are really just beginning though,  2013 will be bigger and better.   On that note it’s almost the end of 2012.  For us this month embarks on our one year existence.  I personally have been pleased with the progression of “backlikeweneverleft” but we wouldn’t have made a year without the support of everyone who continues to keep up with us.  On that note thank you for your support, it’s greatly appreciated.  As I reflect on our year as a site, I realized this is about the time people reflect on their own year.

People are currently battling with themselves trying to determine what to “change” in the new year.  December is probably the most reflective month of the year, everyone is thinking about what went right and what went wrong.  Rightfully so; as you complete the full calendar year, you either hope to forget or wish duplicate moving forward.  Unfortunately during this season people suffer strongly from points of depression.  As I look at the psyche that goes into this month, this time of the year, this season; it may be easy to  embrace the negativity.  We as a people tend to do that far too often, accepting the negative as the full picture; overlooking the brighter side of things.  For many this is the perfect time to rid one’s self of the things holding them back.  At this very moment I’m sure people are looking forward to the new year and the new found life.  A major number of people are aimlessly picking their brains, with attempts to gain some form of new gratification.

The new gratification in itself, is usually something of temporary pleasure; often times short lived.  For instance the urge to loose weight, the desire to return back to school, the craving to stop smoking, and so many more.  I’m sure as you’re reading along, you’re thinking about your own vices you want to remove from your life. It’s natural; people know their negatives and want to fix them.  We proceed to start the new year off strong, actively working on the resolution we set, only to fall short before the first quarter of the year is even remotely finish.  I’ve learned over the years how much this concept doesn’t work; wanting to change something just because it’s a new year.  The change won’t be effective until you have decided to make the commitment to address that change.  That could take days, months, or even years to truly occur.  That shouldn’t deter you, combat that with positive thoughts and goal setting.  Allow room for error, we can be our biggest obstacle many times.  It’s hard to look at the thought of falling short, but unfortunately that’s life.  Failing allows you to learn from yourself and grow.

I failed a few times in the year of 2012, fell short on a couple aspects; however I have learned how to not focus on just the shortcomings.  This year was not my best in several aspects, but essentially this year was still a great and productive time span in other forms.  As I started off in the beginning, I’m just reflecting on the year with backlikeweneverleft, the topics, the posts, the feedback.  I am shocked with how big this has gotten, and we hope everyone continues to walk this journey with us.  What’s your reflection/resolution?

Now is a good time to start fresh, leave what needs to be left behind you in the past. It’s hard to progress with a closed mind, allow yourself to get in position for the new things coming your way. One thing I’ve learned while driving; it’s hard to see the road in front of you if you keep looking back. The rearview mirror is not that big, you focus has to be on what’s in front. Embrace yourself for 2013 it will be here regardless how prepared you are. Meanwhile set realistic goals and develop a support system. Make things happen, my co-writer and I are on it. So move with the movement or get moved quick. Thanks for walking with us this year, next year we plan to deliver even more.

  1. Ciera says:

    I love yall!


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