It’s Real Out Here

Posted: December 27, 2012 by Handy in Life, Love, Media, Politics, risks, faith, Uncategorized


What do you believe in? That is a question that I have asked people many times in my life. It’s funny the amount of different questions that you receive in return when you ask it though? Why did u ask me that? What do u mean what do i believe in? Are you asking me do I believe in God? It’s quite puzzling to me actually how confused people are by the question. But back to the question: what do you believe in? Do you believe in people? And how do you know if you truly believe in it? I’m here to challenge you today to truly figure that out.

I guess what i am really interested in knowing is do you believe in people? I am not looking at this from a religious aspect, but simply based off your personal experiences with people throughout your life. Are you the type of person that sees the good in every person no matter how bleak it looks? Or are you the type of person that has a skeptical viewpoint of all people until they prove you otherwise? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Me personally I am an optimist to a fault at times. I believe that there is good in all people and that with the right guidance and love it can be displayed for the world to see. But I am not naive, I understand that there are people in the world that will just decide to not do good and just might not be able to be helped. I feel those type of people, along with pessimists are casting a dark and ugly shadow over the world right now.

As a living, breathing, highly functioning organism, we have the ability to build great things or destroy by the masses. Right now we are in a crisis worldwide. It took 20 children and seven adults being killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School for the nation to open its eyes about the tragedies that has been consistently going on all year. In one year, we have had the shooting at a Colorado movie theater which killed 12 people and injured 59. In one year, we have had a child killed another child at Perry Hall High School simply because he was bullied the year before. In one year, we have had 5 people shot on the south side of Chicago at a bus stop simply waiting for the bus. In one year, we have had a bus in Philadelphia shot at by an AK-47 and a handgun simply because a man on the bus felt as if a young lady was abusing her child and she felt the need to retaliate against the man.

The point that I am making is that world isn’t as safe as it used to be. Places that we would consider safe havens for our children, schools are no longer safe. Methods of transportation that we feel safe using are no longer safe such as the public bus system. Places of personal leisure that we would never think would become a source of fear has become one such as a movie theatre. But we cannot give up on people now, for they need us more than ever. Like I said earlier in the blog, I am an optimist to a fault. We have to work even harder to help those that have less than us. We have to work harder to lend an ear and listen to each other’s problems and offer our advice. We can’t just turn our backs on those we feel like we can’t help because they will be the same people that turn around and hurt people because they feel alone in this world. I challenge anyone that is reading this blog to go out and help someone, anyone please. Especially our children, because right now they are the most susceptible to the darkness casted along the world right now. 2012 was a dark year and in order for 2013 to be brighter, we have to do our part to make it better. The shadow casted on the world won’t leave in its own, it must be removed with hard work, love and faith. I still believe in people and I hope whoever is reading this blog out there does too. It’s real out here, so please be safe out here on these streets. Peace out until the next time everybody.


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