This ‘2’ is for YOU

Posted: December 31, 2013 by Puff in Uncategorized
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Guess who’s back!?!?!  Yea man its  one half of your favorite thought-provoking pair returning to stir some stuff up.    I guess our site title fits us well,  the way we go missing for so long.  Looked up and we haven’t said anything in a couple of months, doing a lot of nothing and a little of everything.   Well I have returned in rare form and I come baring gifts.  For starters this post is strictly for all you good people out there: the followers, friends, casual drop in visitors, etc.   In my most humble of voices THANK YOU.   We have officially hit the two year mark for the site and I know we wouldn’t be here without the support of everyone.  This year was not as productive as it should have been for us, slacked a lot on the writing tip.    In retrospect numbers increased, so somebody out there checking for us.   With that said we got two years under our belt.   Sophomore slump hit us hard, but don’t let that keep you away from checking on the BLWNL crew. 

Trust me I hear nearly every week,    “when you writing another post?” “when y’all coming back”  “did you hear about…”  I love everybody for that though.   As much as my co writer and I challenge each other, its music to our ears to get it from everyone else.  Well world we heard you loud and clear.   Due to everyone’s inquisitive sessions we are proud to embark on year number three.   As I mentioned before I come baring gifts, one is the site has a new look and feel.   Hopefully the new look is more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.   (We would actually love feedback about that)   Yea I dropped the Baltimore background, by now you where we from.  If you forget we’ll gladly remind throughout our posts.   Added a couple sections to help refresh your memory.   I have been so amazed by hearing people use one of our posts to relate to their own life,  shows this is bigger than us.   We speak about what’s on our mind, but with the intent to make you think about things.

On that note we need your help everybody.   We write because we  are always talking about random thought  provoking ish, but we llike  to bring stuff to everyone else.   So in a sense, y’all are our motivation.   The more followers and comments we have, the more active we can stay.   If you frequent our site, join the list or send out information for others to find out about us.   The more traffic we get the more we can continue to drop the good stuff.  I have consulted with my co writer and we both understand that we can not repeat the large gaps between posts moving forward.   There is way too much going for us not to put our spin on it and once again stay on us.  Don’t stop asking us when we coming back, because we both need that interaction.

So all that to say, we still here.  As this year ends and the next begins, I humbly say Thank You.  Thank you for sticking around through the first two years and staying with us.   I’m focused now and once my co writer reads this I expect him to accept the challenge.    I extended a challenge to you all as well,  let’s be great.


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