Being Mary Jane vs. Olivia Pope

Posted: February 13, 2014 by Handy in Uncategorized
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What’s good free world? It’s one half of the duo ready to hit y’all in the head with another post. After some discussion with my right hand man, we figured we should try to write a post geared more towards our female readers. I know as young black men, we sometimes get caught up seeing the world through only our Ray Bans. But we also know that’s it’s a whole other world when looked through a woman’s eyes. So with that out the way let’s get down to business.

Quick question ladies who would you rather be Mary Jane or Olivia Pope? If you don’t know who these ladies are as a black woman in America, you must obviously live under the rock. But for those living in the caves, Mary Jane and Olivia Pope are lead fictional characters on award winning dramas on national television. Basically the shows chronicle the everyday lives of the two ladies, the ups, the downs, the lows, the highs and everything in between. I think the concept of the shows are unique in the sense that they have black women being the lead characters. Lately I have been asking women that I have come across who would they rather be in real life Mary Jane or Olivia Pope and so far I have been getting back mixed answers.

Some women have answered Olivia Pope and some Mary Jane. The reasons why have varied vastly. Some have said Olivia Pope because of the power she possesses. Anyone with a direct line to the President of the United States, might have the world in the palm of her hands. Some women have said Mary Jane because of her freedom. She’s a black woman that basically does what she wants when she wants regardless of if you agree with the decisions or not. Strength, independence, leadership, both possess qualities that every woman adore. Stubborn, too strong-willed, desensitized, both women possess qualities that every women may not adore. Either way both of these women are in some way a representation of every women.

Which leads me to this; if you answered the question of which woman you would rather prefer, think long and hard about your reasoning? Is it that you picked either woman because you personally relate to them or you envy what they have? Do you currently have an affair with a married man or privately wish for one? Do you hold secrets from your loved ones or wish that you could? Do you want to control the people and things in your life or wish you had the resources to obtain that power? All of these questions are legit questions that you as a woman must ask yourself. Everyone loves the glitz, the glamour, being the star. But do you want all of the issues that come with it too? Both of these women I believe have as many issues in their lives because they are in the positions they are in.

Being rich and successful and powerful ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. And sometimes, just sometimes when you are in the worlds they are engulfed in, to catch a shark you must be a shark. If you play the game, you must play it to win. Even if that means hurting people you may love or care about along the way. These women are addicts to the lives they live, the lives they love. To understand an addict is to become an addict. Learn how they work, learn how they operate, learn how they feel when they are fiending for a hit. So if you picked either woman, you just might be an addict too. Just a little food for thought ladies. Check out the video at the end of the blog and comment on whether you agree or disagree with their opinions. Until next time world, stay safe, be blessed and be great.




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