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Posted: January 5, 2015 by Puff in Life
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Finally hit triple digits likes,  multiple comments,  the feeling of pure ecstasy is all over me.  After several trials of getting the ‘right’ picture I get to feel my reward of getting my picture liked.  For that moment I’m on top of the world,  everybody saw the moment I was in got to experience my greatness.  What now?  Sit back and find the next post that will get me even more likes,  no need to disappoint now.

Taking pictures has become more than just a capture in the moment but to many it has become a way of life.  With the multiple facets of social media constantly growing we look forward to posting things for somebody else to see.  In that moment it’s simple though, why not feel like a celebrity as I show off my picture. 

I mean I’ve always heard a picture is worth a thousands words,  but how come nobody ever mentions how much a thousand likes is worth.  Don’t let me have a nice outfit,  you know that’s going up.  I put this on and thought to myself I looks good,  let’s see what other people think.  Hopefully the quick ego boost works exponentially and a good amount of people liked it in a short amount of time. If not I’m probably going to take it down,  wasn’t as good as I initially thought.  (Hypothetically speaking of course.)

Instagram and Facebook have become vessels of public updates. We take pictures, post pictures and wait for the likes to pour in. There is nothing wrong with that concept, I know I love pictures. Everybody loves capturing the moment to create their own personal archives, but sometimes we get lost in the “capturing” and forget the moment. Just took 20 pictures but still missed somethings, ie at a birthday party missing the cutting of the cake or at a wedding missing the bride walk down. Why because I was too busy trying to get this selfie to show I’m actually at the venue. Often times the picture for social media serves as the illusion for the public eye. People take pictures of stacks of money to display the concept of them supposedly getting money. After careful research you find out that homeboy was broke but his social media illustrates him as complete opposite. As I scroll down my timeline, I see more questionable posts. Then I began to wonder why do some people take/ post the pics that they do. To capture a moment? To paint an illusion? Or just for the likes?

Everybody’s reason is different however it’s easy to get lost in this social frenzy.   Life stands still for just a moment creating the prefect moment.  Often times I have witness that facade be painted.  People could look as if they are enjoying  but happen to be miserable at the event.  Lost in a space of showing the world parts of your life.  There are the rare times where people can get carried away posting pictures of moments that should probably be only private to you, or posting words to depict current situations the person is going through at the time.

When it comes to posting for social media, it allows as a gateway to anyone to find out information about you.   From there form an opinion and feel able to inquire about things that you post. Here is where the action kicks in, allowing for yourself to become a target of interest.  Often times people will post about their relationship status and then find themselves being questioned by “friends/followers,” creating a rift.  I know everybody that I follow on social media does not serve as everybody I would confide in during moments of need.  The people who do, much respect, but not everything is for everybody.  People will put entire relationship issues on social media and somehow be upset with the nosey on  lookers.

But anyways almost missed my moment, catch up with yall again after I snap my pic. Wait should enjoy the moment and said forget the pic? Tough decisions, please the masses or enjoy the moment. Anyways smile for the camera…

  1. Tamara Dee says:

    Most people have a limited attention span. In an information age where data can quickly become overwhelming, people have to pick and choose among plenty of content options, all begging for their attention. This has resulted in many people skimming through content to extract what they’re looking for, especially when it is written text. So why not capture the moment with a picture and drive the point home? That’s if that moment should indeed be shared with others. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!


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