3 imageFinally I have returned to BLWN, and clearly I took more than a hiatus. For that I apologize, I don’t realize how many people the lack of our writings effect. As I navigate through my daily movements and get away from the website, I manage to come across somebody asking ‘when is our next post?’ ‘when should I expect something?’ ‘is anything in the works?’ and reluctantly I reply something is on deck. Which in actuality is the truth, my mind is always racing and I have plenty of posts I just don’t sit down and write them. For those people who keep me on my toes thank you kindly. A lot of persistent people our there challenging me and staying on the look for something new. With that said July is a long time many topics were missed and left untouched by the duo here at BLWN. I’m working on writing to everyone more often. If you’re still following we are still here. 2015 will embark on our third year of having the website up and we have had great feedback. Unfortunately we have not put the required effort to keep everyone entertained. Looking forward I will aggressively work on getting back to everyone more expeditiously. Three being the third year is for me. Taking a walk through my thoughts, experiences and understandings is my plan for the website this year. As a duo our lives are constantly changing and our views on the world expanding. With that said I look forward to the new challenges life has to offer. It’s entirely too many things going on that I have not touched on.

Three years is a long time, many changes have occurred during that time. Being able to learn from every change lies the difficulty. I was told the only thing consistent in life is change, as much as I hate that concept it does make sense. For everyone reading along I’m sure if you look back over the past three years, you’ll be shocked the amount of change you’ve endured. Given that change is a constant equation, there will be additions and there will be subtractions. Often times we find ourselves trying to maneuver through this equation we call life attempting to make only the additions. Maybe that’s just me and I try to find a use for everything. Then it dawned on me, I need to make space for the new things, which can’t happen until I subtract. When I stop and think about it, subtracting happens often; it’s just what you decide to rid yourself of that can bother you. Simple example as you move from one grade level to that next you don’t hold on to last grade textbooks. I’m on my way to high school, deuces to these middle school books that serve no purpose. Uhoh I’m on my way to college bye-bye to this high school text books. Sounds simple they serve no purpose you willingly purge with ease. Now as you move forward through college, you may hold on to books which in itself is symbolic of how we operate in life.

Making subtractions in life and ridding yourself of old textbooks actually work hand in hand. Some classes you take, learned what you needed to learn and move on. That class had nothing to do with your major just a required school credit. Same thing with life, you encountered something, took what was given moved to the next. Subtracting that textbook isn’t difficult at all. You possibly decide to sell it back to the school and get nothing back in comparison to what was spent. In life we attempt to sell things back, get out money or time back, you may get a store credit but you never get back exactly what you wanted. In other situations you have a book a friend needs due to taking the class next semester. As a friend you give them your textbook and allow them use it accordingly. Another simple subtraction, but in life it’s deeper than that. There are things you have to go through in order to pass on to the next person following. Once you complete that class and decide to trade a friend your book, you discuss what the class is like. ‘This class easy, with the book we mainly use chapters 3-6’… ‘oh you got professor ________ they can be difficult make sure you read the book thoroughly.’ Essentially that book signifies something you have been through that you can share to the next person. Change doesn’t just happen to affect your life personally, but for you to assist others in their situations. Something I’m learning daily and trying to implement it as I grow. Trust I know that part is not easy. So it’s not enough I have to go through this hard class, you want me to share what I went through to better help the next person. This not what I signed up for at all. Yea something I have said, so I know the feeling.

Inevitably the subtraction is as necessary as the addition.  Subtractions in regards to change come in the form of people, places, jobs and things.  Subtraction allows for the opportunity to achieve new growth.  Welcoming the new change comes with time.  Not everything is going  to be accepted overnight.  Wish it was that easy, but if it was everyone would go through the same changes at the same time.  Thus making the change minimal to say the least.  For those who do not follow the textbook reference substitute that for clothes. Some you out grow, some you pass on, others you have never purchased.  Crazy thing life works that same way, just make sure you’re learning along the way.  It’s quite a few clothing mishaps I’ve learned from over the years. In retrospect still learning from all the changes life is throwing at me.  For me as I continue to work life’s equation, I’m becoming more meticulous about my additions and subtractions.

Well I feel like my return was short lived,  but I will work on coming back more often.  I asked stay tuned and continue to keep up with world.  For those who ask me to get back in the lab, don’t stop I’m always thinking but writing is for you good people.  As you continue to work the equations life presents you with, I wish you well.  Math not everybody subject, but understand if the equation not worked out, the answer could be wrong.  Figure out when to add, when to subtract golden math rules but even bigger life lessons.  Until next time I’ll holla


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