Who’s Worst….. The Slave or the Master

Posted: February 17, 2015 by Puff in Black History Month, History, Life
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As February comes and goes, all type of black quotes will cross your eyes.  One that recently stood out was from a lady by the name of Harriett Tubman “I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”  An interesting statement that really bought forth the concept of this post.   I began wondering just how effective could she have been if everybody realized the zoo they were en-caged in during that time.  The question and title came to my mind who was worst? Fast forward to 2015 I see the concept sadly still exists.  As I look around there are quite a few happy slaves that see no problem with captivity. 

The happy slave, the biggest wild card in any arena.  See the happy slave has no alliance to the their ownself, the cause or the master. The personality  of the happy slave is hard to determine at first but I’m sure we all know or have experienced  this kind of person that I am referring to.

The happy slave looks, walks, and talks just like you but is a snake.  Let’s get away from the slave verbiage and relate this person to everyday people.  You ever have that friend who can’t hold any secrets in? You know the one who you confide in by accident but realize they just told everybody what you said.  Maybe this is more recognizable that coworker who is on your same level, listens to you voice concerns about work but willingly inform the boss of your shared thoughts.  Coincidentally that person is experiencing the same hardships and  frustrations as you but they don’t share your same concerns because they see no issue with their own messed up situation. We are both under paid and overworked but somehow you felt the need to tell the supervisor of my speaking out.  No different than the enslaved person finding happiness in captivity. This person has tendencies unable to track.  One day they can hate the overseer as much as you and the next sharing information that you thought to be confidential.  

For those of you who watched the movie Django, the happy slave I keep making reference was a major character in this movie.  Samuel L. Jackson’s character was the epitome of happy slave.  He made it his sole business to please his master with any and all information he could obtain. In life I am sure you can think of that snake whom you don’t hold any trust, yet manages to slither in and out of conversations.  The thing is that person doesn’t even know why they are the way they are, but when you are born in a zoo its hard to see the jungle. When I think of the happy slave vs the angry master, I don’t want either. At least I know the angry overseer has and never will be on my team.  They bark instructions from a distance. I expect the CEO to not care about the workers, they removed themselves for a reason.  But when you’re a worker right next me to in the same struggle and you aligned with them? That’s scary.  I know what to expect from the master. 

On that note I think that’s my time.  Watch out for this happy slaves they mean you harm.  Just because they are in the trenches next to you doesn’t mean they are fighting with you. I am learning this myself as I continue to move through life. I’m running with Harriett  trying to reach the other side of the tunnel, meanwhile you’re  somewhere telling the master that just whipped you unmercifully the escape route.  We are on the boat together, the ship is sinking and I find two life jackets. Do you put the vest on or go find out if the captain is safe?

 Find the happy servants, keep them at a distance. Trust me your secrets aren’t safe with them. When I return it’ll be like I never left!


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