Guess Who’s Back

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guess who's back

As I open up this page, scroll through the website and acclimate myself all over again, I realize we may need to change the name of the website.  It appears we actually left for awhile, clearly  I have.  It’s been over two years since I last touched base and engaged your mind.  That’s a pretty long time, given the fact that my mind is always racing.  In support of those who been rocking with us, waiting on a consistent flow we’ve heard you.  I’m sure we lost a few readers along the lines and apologies are in order.  It’s like starting all over again, I don’t know where to begin, what to speak on, or how deep I want to go.   Both Handy and I, fell off tremendously but I remain humbled by those that still ask when will I post again.  With that said, sticking true to our name allow me to sneak back in like I never left.

When you leave something for a long time and return to it,  certain things happen.  Memories comeback, while some are good, some are bad depending  on the life experiences.  There are two major things you tend to think;  1.) everything is the exact same or 2.) everything looks completely different.   Naturally there are different variables that play a part as to why you have those particular thoughts. As I log back in to BLWNL of course everything is the same.   Returning to things being the exact does not mean it’s a  negative variable.  Luckily for me I’m able to step right back into my seat and articulate my thoughts to you.  The website name itself doesn’t change, allows bread crumbs to find a way back to us.   Compare that revist to your old high school, old neighborhood,  or  even your old job;  things that rarely change.   Faces that occupy the area change constantly although  the make up, the design, the architecture  really doesn’t change.   These are the times when your change should have occurred to a point where you don’t look the same, act the same, talk the same as you did in the past.   Your  individual change is hard to identify until you  step back into things.  As I step back into the website I noticed my evolution.  My topics evolved, writing increased,  and my mind expanded.  I approach topics with more purpose.  I will keep things on the simple level as just respond to the website.  My vision increased,  while my time and productivity decreased.   As a part of growth in itself, shedding dead skin to become better and stronger as a person.

The flip side of that is returning to something old and not recognizing anything at all, or realizing everything brand new.  Have you ever  come back to see your old house no longer exists:?  Your high school may look 100 times better.   Sometimes renovations happen and you aren’t aware.  Renovation phases are important for the advancement of that project.  You may even realize that the environment around you is the piece growing instead of yourself.    Reevaluation needs to begin with you first.   Were there any renovations you took care of in your time gone? Change is inevitable, its just a matter of how you roll with the changes.  Stepping back into BLWNL is tough.  However I evolved and prepare to drop better knowledge and more thought provoking topics.  As people, we return back to the past either on purpose or by accident.   As for me and this website, I came back on purpose, feeling like I have unfinished business.  I left you guys abruptly, my return took longer than anticipated.  I stepped away to grow and came back to raise the bar.  Why did you go back to the old?

After the dust settles and you return back to something you stepped away from; do you actually take a moment to consider the growth or the change?  It’s a necessary reminder to understand your future path.  I learn daily how the experiences I’ve been through continue to shape and challenge me.  I was told “In order to get where I’m going, I have to know how far I came.”  Looking back on my old posts and reading the development of this site was a humbling experience.  My co writer and I started with just playing around and voicing our opinions out loud.  A switch flipped and we both took this head on and began challenging each other as well as our readers.   Being quiet for two years didn’t silence my thoughts,  it harnessed them.   With constant reader requests for more writing continues to motivate me.    It’s time I stay true to the name of site.  I need to come back and talk my talk.   A lot concepts are spirally through my mind and it’s time to get back on writing tip. Thanks for checking in on BacklLikeWeNeverLeft, we’re still here.

For yourself think about  what you’ve returned back to lately?  Are you renovating and growing, or did the thing you returned to change?  Renovations typically mean upgrading, there is nothing wrong with adding new features.  2017 is moving by quickly, make sure you’re able to keep up with the life around you and you aren’t the thing standing still.   Just my thoughts. I know I didn’t go into much depth with this  topic itself; more so I’m using this as an opportunity to inform our readers that  I’m coming back.   I just needed to get back in the swing of things with this post.  Hopefully you guys continue to walk with us as I step back in here like I never left…..  Stay tuned

  1. Britt says:

    Welcome back. This post is a strong restart, and instantly gave me something to think about; my overall life, and to began the renovations needed to grow as a person. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope to read more.

  2. Anonymous says:

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