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Hey new world, your man Handy is back in full affect. Like me and my ace boon coon would say, I’m back like I never left baaabbaaayyy!!!!! I’m speaking for both of us when I say we will make a more concerted effort to bang out these blogs more often. How we have been doing lately this year has been unacceptable!! I take full responsibility for that and promise that I will do better!! Now that the pleasantries are out the way, lets get to the meat of the blog.

Dream Big and Stay Humble!!! Now when you see this, most people will say that this is obvious, but I mean something deeper than what you may think.

In the bible it states, (more…)

After watching the recent movie Red Tails which starred Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Terrance Howard, I have mixed feelings towards the movie.  Normally I don’t dip into the movie realm for critiques, but do to such major feedback (both positive and negative) figured it was time to share my thoughts yet again. For starters this is in no form meant to deter you away from viewing the movie yourself. In fact I encourage it, in order to openly challenge me. With that being said, I am disappointed.

As a major advocate for African-American history, I came in expecting everything…. unfortunately I got nothing.  First thing that stands out aside from Terrance Howard and Cuba Gooding, Jr. the film does not offer any notable names.  I could live with that, because everyone has to start somewhere. The main actor Nate Parker, the dude from The Great Debaters, is not well-known but up & coming. He did decent in his role as team captain. No real knocks on him. …KEEP READING!