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Wow world it has been over two years since my last blog, it’s amazing how time flies!!! Well first and foremost, I want to apologize for the hiatus and tell everyone that I will give the most effort humanly possible to keep blogging on a consistent basis. I understand that sometimes life takes a hold of us and we caught up in the daily grind, but that is never an excuse. Effort is something that does not cost anything but time and energy, and I truely appreciate having this blog as an outlet to express my ideas, concerns, thoughts and feelings to the masses. So with that being said, whats new with your boy Handy???

As some of you may know me personally and for those who don’t, over the last couple of years, I have gotten married to my lovely wife Thelma (that’s such an old name haha) and we are expecting our first son in November!! I really wanted to have a daughter, but God wanted different for me so I’m not upset. My oldest son Isaiah was valedictorian of his 5th grade class and is now ready to tackle the new beast called “middle school”. Me and my wife are moving out of our home of the last six years into somewhere bigger because of the oncoming baby. Also, my “blogger in crime” Puff has a one year old daughter! Don’t tell him I told y’all it’s a secret, SShhh!!! As you can see, this is just some of the changes for us over the last couple of years. It has been a time full of surprises to say the least. (more…)

Good world, what’s going on? This is your man Handy back on it with another blog for the masses. Black History Month for 2014 have not necessarily been the best for me, but there is always March around the corner haha!!! But let’s end off the month right by making sure we hit a Black History topic all of us can relate. Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga!!! My nigga, your nigga, everyone a nigga!!! (In my Katt Williams voice) Say it with me one time!!!!! Let me take time to all my NIGGAS in the world.

Sounds like I’m out of control right now. Sounds like I am trying to offend some people right? Being a black man in America, do you now give me a pass? Is it now okay for me to just throw the word everywhere and anywhere. If I were a middle aged white man, would you be outraged and angered? Would you want my blog taken down from the Internet? If I were a young Spanish woman, would you be confused on how to feel? Would you be indifferent about me using the word? These are all different questions that we as a society ask ourselves when referencing the use of the N word.


As my co-blogger just wrote about the image of young black males in his most recent post, as I’m writing this blog today, I express my frustration with these supposed laws in Florida made to protect the everyday American, but has become something to shackle Americans. The Stand Your Ground law and the gun laws created in Florida are just now receiving national attention due to the cases of Trayvon Martin and Marissa Alexander. In case Marissa Alexander doesn’t ring a bell to you, she is a 32 year old mother of 2 who fired a warning shot in her home to keep her abusive husband away from her. Based on the current gun laws of Florida, if you fire a gun with the intent to harm a person, you automatically get 20 years in prison. So right now, Marissa Alexander is currently serving a 20 year sentence in prison without the possibility of parole.

So in the literal sense of the law it did its job right? Now take into account (more…)

travyon martin

Normally I would give a little background information, explain somethings about why I haven’t been writing or where my thought process is coming from.  Not today, I believe everybody knows my thought pattern.   A year ago I had a post about this case when it initially occurred, however I shelved the post and decided not to continue with the writing.  I can’t step back on this story today.   All of America knows that the killer in this case was found not guilty and cleared of all charges.   I have had this conversation with different people about this outcome, the thoughts, the reflections, the backlash.

Naturally within the realm of people I associate myself with, everyone is thoroughly disappointed with the decision given.  Many people are shocked that such a crime did not fathom any punishment.   Surprisingly enough the verdict didn’t shock me, I felt funny about the case since it originally happen.  The thing that catches my attention is how the judicial system has so many loopholes.  There are cases that happen every year that question the validity of how the system works.  Moving forward pass this case, America has made the concept of murder acceptable in the notion of ” standing your ground.”  Now families throughout the state of Florida have to worry about the possibility of losing a loved one in a senseless act and not receiving any justice for the situation. (more…)

It’s Real Out Here

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What do you believe in? That is a question that I have asked people many times in my life. It’s funny the amount of different questions that you receive in return when you ask it though? Why did u ask me that? What do u mean what do i believe in? Are you asking me do I believe in God? It’s quite puzzling to me actually how confused people are by the question. But back to the question: what do you believe in? Do you believe in people? And how do you know if you truly believe in it? I’m here to challenge you today to truly figure that out.

I guess what i am really interested in knowing (more…)

So me and my ace boon coon were rapping the other day and he brought up an interesting point. He asked me how I felt about gay marriages and I told him, “Nawwwwww dawg I ain’t feelin’ it, I just don’t believe in it.” After that, he told me his viewpoint about gay marriages and then we were on to the next topic of discussion. After we went about our separate business, I saw an ad of two men that were lovers that said, “We use protection, get protected” and that made our discussion jump right back into the forefront of my mind. It must have been a sign for me to discuss the topic especially at a time when legislatures are trying to pass laws across all of the states to legalize gay marriages, so here we are. …KEEP READING!

Former PG county executive, Jack Johnson, earned 7 years in the feds thanks to the courts this week. This guy Jack received instant notoriety after being busted  back in November 2010 for participating in all type of corruption, and scandal.  He pretty much did every illegal money scheming foolery that you could EVER do, while holding a public office.  He was caught for bribery, extortion, tampering with evidence, missing haircut appointments, and liquor violations. Sources say they caught Jack rigging liquor store hours, in favor of those putting money in his pocket; arranged a hospital position for a poorly qualified doctor, protected a horrible cop from disciplinary action. All Jack needed was a dollar and a dream, and anybody could buy him off.  My man was winning with keeping liquor stores open late, that’s a chess move.  I can’t respect the bad doctors though, the boys on the other hand, they always seem corrupt regardless of money or not.  Jack is 62 years old, had plans of retiring, going to Jamaica, as well as finding a good barber….  What is he doing getting caught up in bribery and extortion cases. Get your life together SIR. Rumor has it he got about 1million in cash, with all the big face bribery he was doing.   Interesting spin on things is that his wife Leslie Johnson is going down in flames with him. Yea she was busted too, she was found with $79,600 in bribe money stuffed in her bra and underwear after having destroyed a $100,000 bribe check before the boys got to them.  Now that’s a bad chick,  stuffed the evidence inside her draws, I’m guessing they were granny panties.  That’s why you gotta keep a hood chick in your life, when things get crazy, I want to see you getting knocked with me.  Prissy chicks would have disowned Jack, wouldn’t visit him, forget to write him letters, and find a whole new boo doing the same thing in a different field.   But hey she understands her role, when you a ride or die chick, sometimes you may die.  Witnesses  state he was en route to turning PG county into kleptomania…. he had to go!!  So out he went, before more shenanigans unfolded. I’m sure this is just another fraction of politics as usual, so this doesn’t shock me too much.  He wont start his bid until Feb. 3, 2012… Wonder what he can bribe his way out of when he goes to prison.


Herman Cain: The Saga Continues

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I couldn’t let this slide. This guy Herman, the black republican presidential candidate,  is in the news YET AGAIN… So this time a woman claims they were secret lovers for over a decade. Now that’s a side chick for you, openly stating  she knew he was married. #Shoutout to the sides chicks who are happy being second place… Herman Cain must have been the man when he was working with the restaurant association, because he look like something off space jam right now…. Son look like he about to get drafted by the monstar all stars, but hey do your thing boy…  The media has been going in on these women…. So makes wonder who to believe?? The guy with everything to lose, or the women with everything to gain??? Furthermore what are his political views, all I hear about is this…. What does he stand for?