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The Masks We Wear

Posted: October 30, 2013 by Puff in Life
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What’s going on world, been a long time since you heard from your boy.  I appreciate everybody who has been questioning me about my next post.  Life been a little busy for me,  but I’m back like I left something!! Told people I had stuff on deck and I plan to come with it to finish off the year strong.

(Clears throat) Now that I’ve gotten that out the way back to the money.  Given the season we are in and the festivities that normally occur during this time, the title of this post is very suiting.  Halloween season is upon us, I’m sure all the supporters are geared up and ready to go.  Masks,  costumes, etc, the one time of the year where wearing ANYTHING is accepted.  I must admit I do enjoy costume watching during this time of year, always very eye entertaining.  I was asked ” What was I going to be this year?” Jokingly I replied ‘myself’ and the person gave me the straight face.  I later thought about it and realize I put on some type of mask or costume everyday.