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Two is BETTER than one

Posted: January 9, 2012 by Puff in Life
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After a very recent and deep conversion with my brother from another, I felt it was time to return in full force. We were discussing a random scene of events that recently transpired, which had us both messed up in the head.  Due to the nature of the beast, we won’t go into much details; however what we can discuss if the fact that BOTH parents are needed to raise a child.  So on that note this is where the story begins.

Many arguments go back and forth about which child son or daughter, lose the most from missing a parent; after several conversations I think both suffer tremendously. So many songs touch on this throughout the course of hip hop. Many artist speak often on having a missing parent (unfortunately normally a father) One very thought-provoking song came from one of my favorites, Jay-Z ft Beanie Sigel- daddy where have you been? There’s a portion where he says “It’s about time we have a father to son, sit down let me tell you ’bout your fatherless sons
how they grew to be men and father they sons
father they daughters
N#%%@, you left a fatherless daughter” . That’s real so many times women are left to father the load, while the male involved has decided to continue his egotistical  life. When it comes to raising a child there are things that both parents have to provide,  unfortunately women can not raise men. Women can raise boys in to being a certain type of male, however there is always going to be something missing. I know first hand the effects of coming up fatherless, my moms did her best to play both roles…. Played it very well I might add, but she couldn’t teach me what to do in my first fight.  … KEEP READING!