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It may seem that the duo here may have taken a hiatus in recent months, (and we have.)  But things have been a little crazy here lately.  As my co-writer stated in his post, we had to take a break, clear up some mental space for a while.  Even though we may not have written, we are still challenging whomever in good conversation as much as possible.  Thanks to all who continue to bother us about our next post, stay on us we welcome it.   With that said let the story begin.  I have sat back looking into many things, doing some research, and just challenging my peers.  I have a couple of topics that I want to touch base on the upcoming weeks, so check me out as they drop.  I will admit that this is not one of those post, what caught my attention is something a little left of my normal topics.  In lieu of the Iphone 5 releasing on Friday Sept 21st, my gears got grinding again.

There has been major hype and anticipation for the release of this new piece of technology from the beloved Apple corporation.  I will admit Apple is making a killing, I read a reported stat that over 2 million orders were placed for pre sale.  So before the phone even hit the stores it getting sold out, and is the new must have item of the year.  Matter fact people have anticipated this specific phone for over a year now.   People stand in lines for hours, even days, just to get their hands on the hottest of the hot.  The interesting thing is that the Iphone 5 is selling out quick, but has not made too many improvements from the most recently released Iphone 4s.  Now I am by no means about to get to compare with Iphone vs other phones, I am simply looking at the concept of marketing vs consumers. (more…)