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Normally I would give a little background information, explain somethings about why I haven’t been writing or where my thought process is coming from.  Not today, I believe everybody knows my thought pattern.   A year ago I had a post about this case when it initially occurred, however I shelved the post and decided not to continue with the writing.  I can’t step back on this story today.   All of America knows that the killer in this case was found not guilty and cleared of all charges.   I have had this conversation with different people about this outcome, the thoughts, the reflections, the backlash.

Naturally within the realm of people I associate myself with, everyone is thoroughly disappointed with the decision given.  Many people are shocked that such a crime did not fathom any punishment.   Surprisingly enough the verdict didn’t shock me, I felt funny about the case since it originally happen.  The thing that catches my attention is how the judicial system has so many loopholes.  There are cases that happen every year that question the validity of how the system works.  Moving forward pass this case, America has made the concept of murder acceptable in the notion of ” standing your ground.”  Now families throughout the state of Florida have to worry about the possibility of losing a loved one in a senseless act and not receiving any justice for the situation. (more…)

Crying Wolf ?!!?

Posted: November 14, 2012 by Puff in Life, Media
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“What’s going on good people, we have a guest blogger who wanted to contribute to  Given the subject matter and recent occurrences I felt it was a good topic. This is from our first female guest writer, so on that note back to money.”  So Puff and I have been discussing the recent news of Kevin Clash, who many know as the voice of Elmo, and his recent troubles. Let me start out by saying I’m a frequent reader of this this blog. I’m a Kevin Clash fan, especially after watching “Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey” because it showcased his talents, his humble beginnings from Baltimore and his professional relationship with the late Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets and original voices of various Sesame Street characters). Also I currently work in the media industry.


This Can’t Be Life Smh

Posted: December 16, 2011 by Handy in Media
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The following material was created by a guest blogger.

Ok so, in the past few months there have been numerous videos uploaded to both Facebook & Youtube of young females in term getting “slutted out”. I’m not here to talk about the females, lets talk about us males for a second. Notice I said us, ALL males do dirt! Sorry fellas but its true, The point is some of us take pride in it and do absurd things like record the incident and post it on a social network. What I would personally like to know is, why? What could anybody possibly benefit from this? You are not getting paid and no woman wants a man that can’t keep his mouth closed, so you can’t be doing it for them. Lets be real, as a male, if it’s not involving money or women, we aren’t generally interested. The only other logical reason I could think of is to impress someone. We have already established that females are not intrigued by this act of desperation, so essentially you’re doing it to impress other males! How ironic is it that in your feeble quest to prove your masculinity, you’ve actually manage to come to a plateau where your masculinity is being questioned. Ladies don’t get to hype over this blog, depending on how well this one does another will soon follow discussing your role in this issue. All im saying is, real men don’t participate in acts like this boss. I’m not placing myself on a pedastooI. I am human, so I am entitled to do wrong sometimes too, but how far do you have to go these days until you realize you are wrong? Is your young mind really so engulfed in ignorance that you can’t come to terms with yourself in having a little self-respect? This is not a good look for our generation. As young men we should not inspire to disrespect our women nor ourselves with this type of foolishness, get your ish together!

When is Freedom Too Much??

Posted: December 15, 2011 by Handy in Media
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So lately, I have been seeing a bucket load of videos, blogs, or just media in general glorifying black people having too much freedom. What do I mean when I make this statement? I mean anytime a young teenage girl has time to get recorded giving super duper neck action outside on a high school wall, well that’s too much freedom. Anytime young black men have time to upload a video on Youtube receiving super duper neck action on their TOES, well that’s entirely too much freedom. Everyday, especially on cable television, we see young black people essentially cooning for the world. Whether you are a 40 year old woman throwing hands just because you feel as if your friend was disrespected or getting videotaped receiving the smackdown from a multitude of dudes, you are a coon, point, blank, period, no debate. The freedom that our civil rights forefathers fought for relentlessly, should not be abused by those who do not appreciate it or understand the meaning of “total freedom”. Their definition of freedom was for someone like Barack Obama to have the ability to be able to become President of the United States. Their definition of freedom was definitely not for young black people to gain TV access just to fuss, cuss and slander each other. The biggest thing that kills me about all of this is that us, black people, adore this nonsense and idolize these figures and make them superstars. … KEEP READING!