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As we move through the year quickly, I look up and notice June is upon me.  Not only is June here, but we are nearly halfway through the month, and the year for that matter.   As I realized it was nearly the third weekend in the month, the thing that was crossing my mind was that we hadn’t done a post this month.   (Don’t worry good people; we have been in the lab.  Forgive us for our delayed posts; both of us have been quite busy. )  With that said, I heard somebody make reference to FATHER’S DAY coming up, and I didn’t even realize how close it was.   Holiday’s rarely creep up on me, but this one has.   Looking at the dynamics of the holiday, I’m sure most people overlook the day.  People know weeks in advance when mother’s is coming, but for a holiday nearly a month later, it manages to fall under the radar.  For people to remember FATHER’S DAY, would imply they are celebrating a father.   Having been fatherless for years, I can see why it slipped my mind.  Since I was reminded, it got my mind wandering again.  For some reason, when my mind starts to think, I feel the need to share with everybody.  I thought about the real meaning of the third Sunday in June, entitled “Father’s Day.”  I didn’t just think about the meaning of the holiday, but the term that we use to describe the day itself.

Father is best defined “as a male parent who assumes as one’s own; take the responsibility.  Traditionally, fathers act in a protective, supportive and responsible way towards their children.”  This is how the term is ‘defined’, but is that what real happens.  Unfortunately I have to disagree, over the years we have lost the essence of  being a father, we have lost real fathers.   Essentially FATHER’S DAY has just become a second mother’s day.  A growing number of women are forced to play both the role of the mother and father.  These women get overlooked rarely receiving the acknowledgement deserved.   I applaud every woman out there, who is doing everything she can to provide for her children.  Enough praise and acknowledgement can not be offered to these ladies.  However, I am disappointed in the lack of fatherhood I continue to see as I mature. KEEP READING

Two is BETTER than one

Posted: January 9, 2012 by Puff in Life
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After a very recent and deep conversion with my brother from another, I felt it was time to return in full force. We were discussing a random scene of events that recently transpired, which had us both messed up in the head.  Due to the nature of the beast, we won’t go into much details; however what we can discuss if the fact that BOTH parents are needed to raise a child.  So on that note this is where the story begins.

Many arguments go back and forth about which child son or daughter, lose the most from missing a parent; after several conversations I think both suffer tremendously. So many songs touch on this throughout the course of hip hop. Many artist speak often on having a missing parent (unfortunately normally a father) One very thought-provoking song came from one of my favorites, Jay-Z ft Beanie Sigel- daddy where have you been? There’s a portion where he says “It’s about time we have a father to son, sit down let me tell you ’bout your fatherless sons
how they grew to be men and father they sons
father they daughters
N#%%@, you left a fatherless daughter” . That’s real so many times women are left to father the load, while the male involved has decided to continue his egotistical  life. When it comes to raising a child there are things that both parents have to provide,  unfortunately women can not raise men. Women can raise boys in to being a certain type of male, however there is always going to be something missing. I know first hand the effects of coming up fatherless, my moms did her best to play both roles…. Played it very well I might add, but she couldn’t teach me what to do in my first fight.  … KEEP READING!