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I wanted to do something a little different, this is not my typical post; but still along with my natural thought process.  Instead of me writing a lengthy post about this subject, I took the exact lyrics from a rapper I listen to.  Lupe Fiasco has been on the rap scene for sometime, and tends to make very thought-provoking songs.  He  has a new song entitled “b*%!h bad,”  that could be very controversial.  It definitely goes against the normal mindset of the popular rapper.  I have taken the liberty of supplying everyone with the lyrics to the song.

I say b*%!h bad, woman good, lady better
Hey, hey, hey, hey

[Verse 1]
Now imagine there’s a shawty, maybe five maybe four
Ridin’ ’round with his mama listening to the radio
And a song comes on and a not far off from being born
Doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong
Now I ain’t trying to make it too complex
But let’s just say shawty has an undeveloped context
About the perception of women these days
His mama sings along and this what she says
“N*#&@s I’m a bad b*%!h , and I’m bad b*%!h
far above average”
And maybe other rhyming words like cabbage and savage
And baby carriage and other things that match it
Couple of things that are happenin’ here
First he’s relatin’ the word “b*%!h ” with his mama, comma
And because she’s relatin’ to herself, his most important source of help,
And mental health, he may skew respect for dishonor (more…)


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I was in the barber shop the other day, where they were playing a random assortment of music. I believe they had the Jill Scott channel on Pandora blasting, which is cool for me because I love slow jams. It also was a different vibe than the normal rap and MTV jams they have  glaring loud enough to hear before you enter.  The barbershop I frequent has about 10-12 barbers who vary in age. Ranging anyway from the youngest being 20 and oldest being in his late 50’s.   Each have a different view on music, and great debates always get started.  Customers began to add their opinions and the conversation that erupts from one on one to 20 different points of view.  …keep reading!