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Lets Play Telephone Everybody!!

Posted: June 14, 2012 by Handy in Uncategorized
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The older I get, the more I realize that it’s hard for people to just mind their business. It’s funny how when you are younger, you never paid attention much to what was going on with other people around you as long as you were having fun. When you get older it seems as if people cannot go a minute out of the day without finding dirt on someone or gossiping about another. Everyone knows about that nosey neighbor on their block that’s always peeping out the window or looking out the door trying to figure out what’s going on. They even have created tv shows i.e. (Entertainment Tonight, TMZ) and readings i.e. (People Magazine, The Inquirer) that feeds the appetite of people wanting to know miscellaneous, useless information about celebrities or people they don’t personally know. Public forums such as Twitter and Facebook allow us to gain information of what’s going on in the lives of people around us that we otherwise wouldn’t know or wouldn’t bother to find out. I mean it’s always good to gain knowledge of something or learn information about someone, but it’s a thin line between that and minding someone else’s business. KEEP READING

Most of communication today happens ANY WAY but real verbal conversation.   People have cut out verbally speaking to one another these days; to send text messages, IM’s, emails, everything of that nature.  In today’s society  that is much quicker and easier to do than an actual phone conversation.  I mean let’s be real, you don’t always need to talk on the phone to find your answers.  Why call to ask “where are you?” when I could have just texted you.  Yea that’s simple,  I do it all the time, I prefer texting compared to talking on the phone.  I admit it, texting during the day can help your day go by quicker.  I do; however prefer in person conversation.  Nothing like a good in person conversation to get a real view of somebody.  With that said, I’m not here to discuss which form of communication is better, I wanted to take a look at how we actually text.

Most people text because it’s quick and simple, and I agree 100%.  My problem with things like texting, IM’s, emails, whatever, is this over use of shorthanded ish.  People text whole conversations without using real sentences anymore.  The world is becoming so flooded with random shorthand, or abbreviations that I seen professional emails using them.  People out here emailing, ‘ TTYL ‘(talk to you later), um pardon you  this is work.  Since when did this become the thing to do, and where is my shorthand/abbreviation handbook because I can’t keep up.  People can text you something like  GM, HRU, WYD, HMU when you get off, WYA, cool im OMW all in a row and that’s the whole conversation.  That person just everything without saying anything. Translation : Good morning,  how are you, what you doing, hit me up when you get off, where you at, cool im on my way.  Crazy to me, how simple that was; no real words or anything. 

Yes I do use some of them, but I try not to use everything right after each other.   There are countless others, and I guess I’m confused about where they come from.  I see new ones being used like every three months, and I have no clue who agreed to these. Maybe I just am missing the shorthand meetings or something idk (I don’t know).  But anyways I would like for people to get back to using some sentences.   It’s a lot easier to read a sentence, then trying to figure out what the heck those combination of letters mean.  When you have to consult with somebody about what does  this “random shorthand phrase means” things have gone too far.  Somebody was texting me GTG, thinking it meant God’s Too Good, and it took me a minute to realize they were using it wrong. Like um that means ‘Got To Go.’  Needless to say, they stopped using it all together.  But this just goes to show, that some things are best said being said. Use more sentences good people.  On that note, I gtg, will ttyl, please k.i.t. and stay tuned for my next post.