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guess who's back

As I open up this page, scroll through the website and acclimate myself all over again, I realize we may need to change the name of the website.  It appears we actually left for awhile, clearly  I have.  It’s been over two years since I last touched base and engaged your mind.  That’s a pretty long time, given the fact that my mind is always racing.  In support of those who been rocking with us, waiting on a consistent flow we’ve heard you.  I’m sure we lost a few readers along the lines and apologies are in order.  It’s like starting all over again, I don’t know where to begin, what to speak on, or how deep I want to go.   Both Handy and I, fell off tremendously but I remain humbled by those that still ask when will I post again.  With that said, sticking true to our name allow me to sneak back in like I never left.

When you leave something for a long time and return to it,  certain things happen.  Memories comeback, while some are good, some are bad depending  on the life experiences.  There are two major things you tend to think;   (more…)


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Happy New Year’s to all of our wonderful followers and those who are planning to come aboard.  We would like to take the time to apologize for our delay in content. The end of 2011 kept us both very busy, but nevertheless we are BACK LIKE WE NEVER LEFT. A few current events may have slipped through the cracks, but don’t worry in 2012 we plan to bring you bigger and better topics. We are looking forward to more responses, welcoming any conversation.  Our goal is to keep you guys wanting more. We are open to topics, suggestions, and anything that could get us to the next level.  We have no set audience, so do feel free to introduce anybody to our site. Much love to those of you who have tuned in. We hope that you guys have enjoyed everything thus far, but trust and believe the curtains have just opened. Ladies and gentlemen, in the words of the great Terrell Owens (TO)…. ” get your popcorn ready.”