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Posted: March 19, 2012 by Puff in Music
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I was in the barber shop the other day, where they were playing a random assortment of music. I believe they had the Jill Scott channel on Pandora blasting, which is cool for me because I love slow jams. It also was a different vibe than the normal rap and MTV jams they have  glaring loud enough to hear before you enter.  The barbershop I frequent has about 10-12 barbers who vary in age. Ranging anyway from the youngest being 20 and oldest being in his late 50’s.   Each have a different view on music, and great debates always get started.  Customers began to add their opinions and the conversation that erupts from one on one to 20 different points of view.  …keep reading!

What happened to our rap music? What happened to the balance? What happened to the lyrics? I was watching the MTV Hottest Hip Hop MC’s Part 7 and they were giving their lists of hottest MC’s at the moment. I did not have a problem with the list, it was pretty much right more or less, but there was a particular segment where they compared Meek Mill’s buzz right now  how DMX’s buzz was back in the day when he was first releasing his record. Now that particular assessment isn’t that far-fetched except for one thing, Meek Mill is nothing like how DMX was! I mean don’t get me wrong Meek Mill can spit, he gives you street music, but that’s so watered down and tampered now what is really street music? What is really considered that grimy, street music that when you hear it, you can feel the pain in the artist’s voice? Do you really get that feel when you hear I’m A Boss or House Party? Those are two of his hit singles right now. DMX’s first two singles were Ruff Ryders Anthem and Get at Me Dog. Both of these were street anthems, but you can tell from the titles that these songs were geared toward different audiences. I guess they were coming from two different situations when they made their singles, thus the far contrast. But I guarantee that if you sat down and looked at the lyrics on paper, it would not even be a close match. …KEEP READING!