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The Weight of the World…

Posted: September 20, 2012 by Handy in Life, Sports, Uncategorized
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Sorry bloggers, I have been M.I.A. for a while. Just needed a break from writing to get refreshed and energized. Call it writers’ block or call it laziness, but either way I’m back in rare form ready to give to the masses fresh material out on these streets. So with that said let’s get right back into it.

So I was watching YouTube and came across a revelating video. It was a clip about Derrick Rose crying at an Adidas event held in his hometown of Chicago. Now for those who don’t know who Derrick Rose is, let me give you a quick bio. Derrick Rose is now the point guard of the NBA team Chicago Bulls. His athleticism is extraordinary and considered one of the best, if not the best point guard in the game today.


It Has Returned!!

Posted: December 12, 2011 by Puff in Sports
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Yes, the NBA has returned. As of Friday December 9th, NBA teams opened and began their training camps. The first official game will be a Christmas gift, for all to enjoy on Christmas Day.  After taking part in a lock out that stretched for a period of more than 5 months and missing the entire first month of the season (about 240 games), they have ended the lockout ready to get back on the hardwood.  Fans everywhere are excited, but have the players set themselves up for disaster?? The NBA was on freeze due to disagreements with two sides that matter the most, the players and the owners. Money being the major conflict of it all… proving that yet again money makes the world go round.  After several collective bargaining agreement (CBA) meetings the players and owners alike have come to a ‘compromise’.  During the lockout, I as a fan felt the players were being selfish, and unwilling to bend for the season to take off.  After the deal has been signed, and things are back in action, I retract my thoughts about the players. … KEEP READING!

To Be or Not To Be… A Black Quarterback

Posted: November 29, 2011 by Handy in Sports
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So after watching Donovan McNabb lose his spot twice for essentially no reason, David Garrard lose his spot for essentially no reason, and Jason Campbell essentially losing his spot before our eyes, I have come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to be successful in the NFL as a black quarterback. It seems as if the most basic of white quarterbacks keep their spots forever (Carson Palmer, Matt Hasselback, etc…), but the minute a black QB flips up, he’s outta there faster than a fat chick playing dodgeball. Come on people, you cannot tell me McNabb isnt better than Rex Grossman and John Beck. REX GROSSMAN though?!!! This is the same Rex Grossman that has more INTS than TDS for his career. As my man Cris Carter says on NFL PRIMETIME, #COMEONMAN!! We watched Brett Favre get chance, after chance when he clearly ended the Packers, Jets and Vikings seasons throwing picks. We are watching Palmer play with the Raiders when he has a career losing record and yet Garrard sits at home when he is clearly better than the Chiefs, Bears or Texans current QBs. All im sayin is this slap in the face that the NFL is clearly giving to black QBs has to stop…

So recently the assistant coach for Syracuse Univ Bernie Fine, was fired for not 1, not 2, but 3 counts of being a perv.  Much respect for all the young men who came forward, because this shizer is getting out of control. WTF is wrong with old white men playing grabby grabby with young kids.  This is shizer is disgusting…  These old heads have wives, kids, dogs, cats, and choose to throw it all away. Think about the CATS AND THE DOGS! What have they EVER DONE TO DESERVE THIS?! Now he’s fired, they are prob goin to lose their home and the cats and dogs will be homeless, shizers just not right smh. Sorry guys, I went off on tangent just now. What makes it even crazier is, his wife admitted to knowing what went down. Like why would you EVER just let that go. I have got cursed out for looking at tv models too hard, I mite get shot for even thinking about playing grabby grabby with anyone.  This shizer needs to stop. I’m sure there is another university waiting in the rafters, ready to get exposed for having their hand in the cookie jar.  Young men watch out, these coaches hand shakes may not match their smiles.