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Growing up, your always told to clear you plate, eat everything there, don’t leave any leftovers.   Most times as a kid, you may want some more, but parents make specific instructions: about finishing your vegetables, clearing the first plate, etc.  Of course you don’t want to eat ALL the veggies on the plate, but if you want another piece of chicken you will follow instructions.  It’s at that point when your hunger kicks in, and you do everything you have to get that next piece of the good stuff.  Normally it’s something that is only in small portions, another piece of chicken, steak, fish, something that tastes a little better than the veggies.  After having a recent conversation with a friend, the thought about staying hungry crossed my mind.

The hunger that I speak of is not in the sense of eating food of the dinner plate.  It’s actually about staying hungry in life.  Hungry in life, yes the thought of constantly wanting more, never getting full, and doing what you need to get to the next plate.  When you are hungry in life, your drive and determination are limitless.  You realize that your appetite is not being met; therefore your stomach is steady growling.  KEEP READING