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stuck in a box


Growing up you’re bred to work.  Many of us have dreams of the types of jobs we would love to work.   However, as we matriculate through life sometimes we fall short from our dream job.   Other times our dream job may not be a stable money making profession leaving us stuck in the pursuit of something more financially pleasing.   Given the fact that life is expensive,  every one understands.   The thing that we tend to lose is what we want to do verses what we need to do.   I was listening to a Kanye interview he was giving with Ricky Smiley last month that really caught my attention.  Those that know me know that Kanye is one of my favorite artists out right now, so I really locked on his conversation.  He mentioned the concept of not being put in a box, which spoke volumes to me.   I tend to draw motivation from various avenues, often times from the rap world.  With that said, Kanye mentioned in his statement that he was more than a just a rapper.   As I heard those words I instantly understood and knew exactly what he meant.   In my understanding of his ( Kanye’s) interview, my gears got to grinding again.   This time I decided to return to BLWNL to share thoughts with everybody.


I love watching movies, so new movie previews will always catch my eyes.  As I look around to see what new movies are out, I see that Tyler Perry has a new Madea movie in theaters.  As of   June 29  ,Madea was in full effect yet again, I can’t wait to see this.  I hope everyone can hear the joy I have looking forward to Tyler Perry putting on another dress, and exaggerating the essence of a black woman.   Normally Madea movies don’t really catch my eyes, but this time it caught my attention for all the wrong reasons.   Usually when I see Tyler Perry wearing these old lady dresses, it’s normally surrounded by African-Americans; this time I noticed a few white faces in the bunch.  The last couple of Madea movies have seem to really push the bar of cooning to another level.  Once you cross the realm to cooning with other races, I feel things are starting to get carried away.  I was thinking out loud when this post first came to mind, and as I did my friend said ” why do all these black male actors/comedians throw on dresses at some point in their career?”

Great question good brother!! As soon as he asked it, I began to think about all the greats have played a woman at some point in their career.   During this conversation he made reference to something Dave Chapelle said in an interview a few years back on Oprah.  I have a link to the clip I’m referring to, but essentially the segment was about how a film director/writer wanted him to wear a dress because “it would be hilarious.” He ended up turning down the role after a few times back and forth with the producers.  In this clip after Chappelle finishes, they show clips of every black male actor who has thrown on a dress throughout their career.  The list is genuinely pretty long, and interesting to me.   It has become the norm for black actors to throw on the dress and over exaggerate the woman character.   Another part of the discussion with my friend, was about the concept of being manipulated. (more…)

When is Freedom Too Much??

Posted: December 15, 2011 by Handy in Media
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So lately, I have been seeing a bucket load of videos, blogs, or just media in general glorifying black people having too much freedom. What do I mean when I make this statement? I mean anytime a young teenage girl has time to get recorded giving super duper neck action outside on a high school wall, well that’s too much freedom. Anytime young black men have time to upload a video on Youtube receiving super duper neck action on their TOES, well that’s entirely too much freedom. Everyday, especially on cable television, we see young black people essentially cooning for the world. Whether you are a 40 year old woman throwing hands just because you feel as if your friend was disrespected or getting videotaped receiving the smackdown from a multitude of dudes, you are a coon, point, blank, period, no debate. The freedom that our civil rights forefathers fought for relentlessly, should not be abused by those who do not appreciate it or understand the meaning of “total freedom”. Their definition of freedom was for someone like Barack Obama to have the ability to be able to become President of the United States. Their definition of freedom was definitely not for young black people to gain TV access just to fuss, cuss and slander each other. The biggest thing that kills me about all of this is that us, black people, adore this nonsense and idolize these figures and make them superstars. … KEEP READING!