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As the presidential election is knocking on our doors, I thought about how much pressure is surrounding this election. Pressure for the candidates and pressure for the voters.  It’s probably an equal amount on both sides of the fence.  Everyone involved is anticipating the outcome .  Looking into the complexities of this election, and given many of the things people deal with on an everyday basis; I really wanted to focus on the concept of pressure.  Scientifically speaking the definition of pressure is the effect of a force applied to a surface.  Relatively simple, then a few old heads came up ways to measure pressure in different terms, blah blah blah.  As I look at life in general, and reflect on conversations recently had; I have really been looking how people tend handle pressure.  The thought of pressure is viewed as both a positive and a negative thing.  The phrases most commonly associated are one of two things, “pressure busts pipes” or “pressure makes diamonds.” (more…)

“Can we talk for a minute, girl I want to know your name”…  came on last night, and I began to sing along with Tevin Campbell.  The song always catches my ears, no matter when I hear it.  As I was singing along, I realized why I like it so much.  Essentially it sets the tone for the conversation for the lady of interest, as well as gets her attention in a noticeable way.   More so, the phrase is a conversation starter with anybody.  ‘Can we talk’ has transformed into slogan to sit down and communicate.  Depending on the tone and inflection of one’s words that can lead to a positive or negative sit down.  Essentially communication is key to growth and survival, and over the past few days  my co blogger and I have dissected the way people communicate.  If wondering why; well as black men we have many goals, none more important than surviving.

Survival can best be defined as the struggle to remain alive and living.  For the purpose of this post, I view survival in a sense of over coming obstacles to get to the next level.   Communication is a major obstacle that civilizations struggle to overcome .  Today it seems with all the creative ways to communicate, we continue to lack even more when it comes to effectively communicating.   In order to understand how to communicate with one another, one must fully understand and comprehend the meaning of communication.  After looking up the definition I came across this: the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.  What does it all mean, basically to share thoughts from one to another.  The definition seems pretty simple, the act of communicating also seems simple as well.   However, the human race continues to struggle with the concept of communication, and that intrigues me to a point where I have to investigate. (more…)